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The next generation of Nvdia GPUs could use the same tech as the Blackwell B200 chip

Last Updated on March 20, 2024
The Blackwell AI technology coming to Nvidia GPUs
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The Blackwell B200 chip recently revealed by Nvidia is already a force of nature. But, since the dual-GPU chip was designed for enterprises, gamers didn’t have much to gain from the news. But, with the latest leak, gamers can once again get excited. A new rumor suggests that the next generation of Nvidia GPUs will use the same technology as the Blackwell B200.

The next-gen Nvidia GPU, codenamed GB202, is set to use the same technology as that of the GB200/GB100. This rumor comes from kopite7kimi on Twitter, a well-known leaker on the platform. It’s rumored that the GB202 will use the same process node as GB200, which is the TSMP 4NP fabrication process. This upgraded version of the 4N technology is designed specifically for graphics drivers.

Blackwell technology could be coming to the next generation of Nvidia GPUs

The leak also suggests that there will be at least a 30% increase in density when it comes to the GB202. This is a huge claim, seeing as how N4 only has a 6% higher transistor density than N5. If this is to be believed, then the 4NP will have some very high-class tech to be able to boost transistor density. These are still just rumors at this point, but definitely noticeable ones.

The Blackwell B200 chip has already made waves with computing enthusiasts. It’s the most powerful chip Nvidia has ever created, using its sophisticated Blackwell AI technology. To see this kind of power make its way to the Nvidia GPUs is nothing short of amazing. Gamers will have plenty to get excited about for the next-gen.

The GB202 could be one of the most impressive ever seen for gaming. Without much competition, Nvidia is set to dominate the market. Not only will they have a strong hold on AI advancements, but also over the gaming community with some stellar GPUs. Other firms will have to step up their game significantly to compete.

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