Where to Watch: Expected Apple iPhone 14 Event

Apple has set the stage for a rather interesting and fully immersive iPhone 14 event come Sept. 7

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All eyes are now firmly set on Apple as the days close in on its upcoming iPhone 14 reveal, aptly coined “Far Out,” which is scheduled for Wednesday, September 7th.

Apple will be broadcasting live from Apple Park several various new tech products, including all-new Apple Watches, such as the Apple Watch Pro and Apple Watch Series 8, as well as potentially even the firm’s rumored VR headset.

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Find out below when and where you can catch Apple’s upcoming product reveals.

What time is the Apple event?

The Apple iPhone 14 event will kick off at 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EST and will be aired across existing Apple devices, making tuning in for the reveal all the more streamlined.

Where to watch the expected Apple iPhone 14 event?

As mentioned previously, Apple is making it quite easy for existing Apple product users to watch the main event via the built-in Apple TV application. Apple TV is available on practically all existing Apple products, but what if you don’t have an iPhone, Apple Watch, or Macbook?

Apple ensured that even those without Apple products can experience the Sept. 7th event via the firm’s Apple Events website. Visitors can add the event schedule to their calendars for reminders and ease of access on Wednesday when the event officially kicks off.

Finally, for those who may not want to deal with Apple’s website, Wednesday’s event will be broadcast on Apple’s official YouTube page.

If you miss the event for any reason, Apple will have the video up on YouTube and its website for a time.

What products will be shown at the Apple event?

While nothing is officially confirmed by Apple, we’re expecting several various Apple Watch products to be on display amid its Sept 7th event. These include the Apple Watch Series 8, an all-new line that could feature three varied models, the second generation of Apple Watch SE, and the Apple Watch Pro, a rugged outdoors Garmin-like edition to the Apple smartwatch line.

Beyond its Apple Watch iterations, we’re also expecting to see Apple showcase its new second-generation AirPods Pro during the event. The AirPods Pro 2 is expected to be kitted out with advanced new features, such as Apple’s Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) on top of leveraging Apple’s next-generation H1 processor.

Last but certainly not least, given it’s at the forefront of the show, the Apple iPhone 14 is set to make a splash during the Sept. 7th event. The new line of flagship smartphones will be a major upgrade over its predecessor, including better battery life, enhanced internal cameras, and much more.