iOS 16 Release Date – When will iOS 16 be released?

How long until iOS 16 is in your hands?

ios 16 release date

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Apple has just launched the iPhone 13 and a pretty hefty overhaul of iOS with iOS 15. Not only does it come with a bunch of security updates required to keep your data safe, it also includes features like FaceTime screen sharing and background noises.

There are, however, also a few flaws with the iOS 15 update. Broken features, making old systems become temperamental, and more. This is why users are already thinking about iOS 16 and what improvements this will bring to their devices.

Today, we’ll be discussing the iOS 16 release date, hopefully putting you iOS 15 haters at ease knowing when the next big software update will drop.

iOS 16 Release Date

If you’re not aware by now, the latest addition to the iPhone lineup is unveiled every year and with that, an update to iOS usually follows. This has been the case for a while now, benefiting users with new, exciting features to take advantage of, hopefully one-upping the likes of Android in the process.

The iOS 16 release date, while not officially announced at this point, will be September 2022 based on the aforementioned yearly hardware refresh of Apple’s products. This is simply because that along with the hardware being updated with new cameras, potentially a new screen, and more, there’ll be additional quality of life features introduced.

Obviously, before iOS 16 comes into effect, there will be a bunch of updates in between, hopefully solving the issues that a lot of you are facing with the most recent install and curbing the need to constantly search about when iOS 16 will be coming out.