Minisforum teases a not-quite-mini-PC complete with a water cooling system

Black Minisforum UM890E mini-PC with a skull and crossbones logo on a blue background.

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Minisforum has quickly become a household name thanks to its powerful mini-PCs that can handle typically demanding tasks like gaming. However, one of their latest models, the Minisforum UM890 WE, seems to have shed the compact, space-saving look for a slightly bigger design. Of course, the company didn’t simply create this PC to have a bulky offering in their catalog. Instead, the UM890 WE’s size is due to its water cooling system, which is needed to efficiently run the not-quite-mini-PC’s AMD Ryzen 9 8945HS CPU.

Minisforum revealed its water-cooled compact PC at a press conference towards in Jiujiang, China (via MyDrivers), where it also revealed some of its specs. Aside from its built-in water cooling system and Ryzen CPU, the UM890 WE will include two USB-A ports and one USB-C port located in between its power switch and headphone jack. Unfortunately, because of its cooling system, the PC will not include a dedicated graphics card. Instead, you may have to opt for an external device, like ASUS’s RTX 4090 eGPU model or StarTech’s more affordable offerings. Naturally, we suggest getting the best eGPU enclosure of 2024 as well to protect your relatively expensive and vulnerable investment.

Minisforum UM890 WE mini-PC release date yet to be announced

Alas, if you’re eager to get your hands on this mini-PC behemoth, you’ll have to wait indefinitely. Minisforum’s press conference did not state when the device would be released, which likely means it won’t be available until either 2025 or 2026. In addition, Minisforum has yet to reveal most of its other specs, so the UM890 WE mini-PC is probably still a ways off from reaching the general public.

So, while you wait, we recommend taking a look at ZOTAC’s upcoming series of mini-PCs so you know what your other options are in case this one doesn’t appeal to you. If you want to build your own desktop gaming rig, we’ve got you covered as well. The best CPU for gaming in 2024 and the best GPUs in 2024 should have all of the ideal component suggestions you need to get your PC-building adventure started.

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