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New ZOTAC Mini PC models are the perfect portable, space-saving computers, and I want one

Last Updated on March 28, 2024
Three different models of ZOTAC mini PC portable external hard drives on a gradient background.
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As someone who has a very limited amount of household space for colossal desktop setups, mini PCs are a godsend. But even though there are already plenty of options in the market, the upcoming series of ZOTAC Mini PCs, powered by AMD and Nvidia processors, may just take the cake – mainly because of their highly convenient compact form factor and next-gen, AI-empowered computing capabilities.

Manufacturer ZOTAC recently announced three new mini-PC entries in the ZBOX CI671 / CI651 Nano, the ZBOX Edge MA762, and the ZBOX Edge MI672 / MI652. Each has its own unique design and specs, providing plenty of options for those looking to grab one of these small yet deceptively powerful machines. Unfortunately, if you reside in the US, you may have a difficult time getting your hands on a ZOTAC mini PC. After all, ZOTAC is only selling these devices via foreign retailers, like Fortress, Computdigi, and Centralfield.

ZOTAC Mini PCs are only available in select regions

Despite its small stature, each mini PC model is equipped with a high-quality CPU and GPU that makes tough computing tasks and even light gaming a possibility. The ZBOX Edge MI672 / MI652 boasts an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H and 5 125H processors, respectively. It also has an integrated NPU (Neural Processing Unit) designed specifically for AI-related tasks, making it more ideal than traditional CPUs in this regard. The Meteor Lake processors it comes with also have integrated Intel Arc graphics, making light gaming achievable. Just don’t expect to play any massive open-world adventures.

Similarly, the CZBOX CI671 / CI651 Nano models are also equipped with the same CPUs. Where it differs, however, is its fanless design, opting instead for a passive cooling system that offers a consistently noise-free experience. Finally, the ZBOX Edge MA762 is undoubtedly the best option for those looking to get a compact gaming mini PC. Integrated with AMD Radeon 780M Graphics, you can run your favorite FPSs at 1080p with low to medium settings using this machine. Though it can’t quite compare to a full build, you can’t beat the convenience and portability this device offers.

It’s unclear whether ZOTAC plans to introduce these mini PCs to the global market, as they’ve only made it publicly available in select regions as of writing. But with demand for these machines likely to be high, it may only be a matter of time until they do so. For now, check out the best GPUs in 2024 so you know which modern graphics cards are the cream of the crop.

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