New Halo Waypoint App Launches for iOS & Android – Features, Download

Customize your Halo Infinite Spartan on the go

new halo waypoint app

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If you’re wanting to drop into the Halo Infinite beta this weekend, a perfect companion to have is Halo Waypoint, the Halo encyclopedia for the latest updates and answers to all your burning questions. However, the Halo Waypoint app was, let’s put it lightly, clunky, so before Halo Infinite goes gold, an app refresh has been developed.

Halo Waypoint App Features

The new Halo Waypoint app is available right now and it brings with it stat tracking and armor customization options ready for when Infinite drops on December 8th. After checking out the app for ourselves, we’re happy to report that it’s performing a hell of a lot better than previous iterations. Simply sign in with the email attached to your Xbox Gamertag and all of your history is pulled in automatically. After this, you can seamlessly switch between Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Halo 5, and Halo Infinite to see specific game stats, with Halo: Fireteam Raven coming in a later update. Armor customization is clean and allows you to see what you’re equipping on a rendered Spartan before switching to your PC or Xbox and jumping into a PVP match.

Is Halo Waypoint Required for Halo Infinite Beta?

Now, while Halo Waypoint was an integral part of getting access to the Halo Infinite beta, this requirement was pretty much removed by Microsoft so you don’t technically need it.

In a recent update to the Halo Infinite beta process, you can simply sign up to be an Xbox Insider and you will be granted access to an early look at Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. However, as previously stated, if you’re looking to customize armor on the fly and check up on your recent stats, the Halo Waypoint app is the place to do that so it’s more than worth a download in our eyes.

Halo Waypoint App Download

If you are looking for the Halo Waypoint download on either iOS or Android, follow the below links:

Halo Waypoint iOS

Halo Waypoint Android