Nvidia RTX 4080 Super review round-up – the price is right

The 4080 GPU we should've gotten in the beginning.

RTX 4080 Super review round-up

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In an era when graphically intensive games have become the norm, the need for robust graphics cards has steadily increased. Enter Nvidia’s contentious new RTX 40 Series entry, the RTX 4080 Super. In this RTX 4080 Super review round-up, we’ll examine its largely lukewarm reception from consumers and professionals alike. We’ll also provide insights into its price, performance, and overall value by comparing it to its predecessor (the 4080) and larger sibling (the 4090).

If you’re already convinced of its capabilities and want one for yourself, head over to our guide on where to buy the RTX 4080 Super. You can also check out our coverage on the Nvidia RTX 4080 Super specs so you know what to expect before purchasing it.

Nvidia RTX 4080 Super – the verdicts

The Verge“The RTX 4080 Super is an ideal card if you’re moving to 4K, but only if the price holds right.”
Ars Technica“The 4080 Super is much more appealing than the regular 4080.”
Tom’s Hardware“Cheaper and faster are at least a step in the right direction.”
Gamers Nexus“One to three percent better for the 4080 Super.”
JayzTwoCents“Any additional performance for $200 less is a good thing.”
Nvidia RTX 4080 Super review quotes from The Verge, Ars Technica, Tom’s Hardware, Gamers Nexus, and JayzTwoCents

RTX 4080 Super review round-up – performance

A GPU’s performance is often its most important aspect, and Gamers Nexus summed it up best in their one-sentence review: “One to three percent better for the 4080 Super.” Underwhelmingly, the difference in performance between the 4080 Super and its predecessor is negligible. However, based on one critic’s premature benchmark results, the former still trumps the original in certain scenarios. In addition, the 4080 Super (and the 4080 family, in general) massively trumps the 4070 Series’ performance. Ultimately, this gives Nvidia’s newly released GPU the edge in terms of overall value.

How much is the RTX 4080 Super?

The RTX 4080 Super’s main selling point is its cost, as its MSRP is $200 less than the original: $999. But even with the significant decrease, its price tag is still quite impractical for most people, making it difficult to recommend even now. However, if you want to upgrade without splurging on the expensive 4090, the 4080 Super may be the perfect choice.

RTX 4080 Super review round-up – our take

We wholly agree with critics’ sentiments that $200 less for the same and, at times, better performance is always ideal. But why couldn’t this have been the 4080 GPU Nvidia released in the first place? With virtually the same capabilities in nearly all facets, slapping the “Super” tag on this GPU almost seems nonsensical.

If you only recently bought the original 4080, you’ll undoubtedly be better off sticking with your premium purchase for now. But if you’ve yet to upgrade, and with 4090 prices ballooning to obscene figures, this, at least, makes the powerful and capable RTX 4080 Super more accessible.

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