Leaked RTX 4080 Super benchmark results could upset shoppers’ plans

You may want to postpone your plans on upgrading to the RTX 4080 Super

A powerful geforce rtx 2080 eagle graphics card for high-performance gaming and graphic-intensive tasks.

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Ahead of the delayed review embargo a premature RTX 4080 Super benchmark result revealed that the superlatively named graphics card may not deserve its name after all. In a lengthy YouTube clip that the site has since removed, early testing conducted by a Hong Kong-based reviewer pitted the upcoming GPU against its similarly powerful counterparts in the 4070 Ti Super, the 4080, and the 4090. Alas, the results, unfortunately, do not bode well for the next RTX 40 Super Series entry.

Per VideoCardz, the critic’s benchmark test divulged the 4080 Super’s similar and, at times worse, across-the-board results to its 4080 predecessor. Of course, the infinitesimally small difference between both GPUs means that you can continue to stick with the 4080 if you only recently bought it, or you can opt for the robust 4090 instead if you’re looking for an immediate upgrade.


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RTX 4080 Super benchmark leak

A previous report also revealed that the 4080 Super is only slightly better than the original, so you may want to hold off on upgrading to the RTX 4080 Super once it launches – at least until you see more reviews. However, since the following information, is leaked you’ll need to take these details with the customary grain of salt.

According to the RTX 4080 Super’s benchmark results, as conducted by Geekbench and spotted by the Twitter/X account BenchLeaks, the upcoming high-end GPU was only 6% better than its non-Super predecessor. While the 4080 Super still scored a respectable 256,183 during testing, this represents a meager jump up in quality compared to the original, which scored 240,292 in its benchmark results.

For a supposed refresh, the minor upgrade (if you can even call it that) is not much at all, which makes its eye-watering $999 price tag even more unpalatable. However, it is worth noting that the original 4080, upon release, was priced at a whopping MSRP of $1,199, giving its slightly improved, recently released counterpart an edge in terms of overall value. Of course, spending $1,000 for a GPU, in general, may be impractical for most, so you may be better off learning what the best Nvidia RTX 4070 Super Ti graphics card is since it happens to be relatively cheaper.

RTX 4080 Super launch details

Now, if you’re hellbent on purchasing the upcoming GPU for yourself following this early benchmark leak, we recommend keeping track of the RTX 4080 Super release date and time so you can snag one before it very likely sells out. You can also head over to our comprehensive page on where to buy the Nvidia RTX 4080 Super to give you an idea of what retailers will have this premium piece of tech available for purchase upon release.

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