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Samsung leaks reveal specs for Galaxy Watch 7 & Galaxy Watch Ultra as they set their sights on Apple

Details on Samsung's new smartwatches are leakier than a sieve
Last Updated on June 19, 2024
Samsung Galaxy watch on gradient background
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch leaks continue, with another round of information being published well in advance of the expected July 10th unveiling. Though it’s been mere days since tipsters posted information regarding pricing and sizing, we’ve now got some leaks regarding the internal components.

Though they won’t be officially confirmed by Samsung, the new information seems to highlight premium processing power to match the new premium price. At this rate, when Samsung eventually does formally unveil the new smartwatches, there’ll be nothing new announced.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 & Galaxy Watch Ultra specs leaked

Leaker @negativeonehero posted an image seemingly detailing the new specifications on X: breaking down everything from the dimensions to the processor on board the two new smartwatches. Both devices are set to use the new Exynos W1000 chipset, which offers 1.6GHz processing speeds – which is slightly slower than the current-generation Apple Watch chips.

Where it beats the Apple Watch, however, is in memory. Though it’s yet to be formally benchmarked, the Apple Watch S9 has approximately 1.5GB of RAM, whereas the new Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra have 2GB. The latest Apple watch still has more storage space (64GB against Samsung’s 32GB), the new Samsung units will likely be faster.

Galaxy Watch 7 & Galaxy Watch Ultra specs leak, source: dcinside

Battery life – an essential in any daily-carry smartwatch – is an interesting quirk. The Galaxy Watch 7 seemingly has the choice between a 300mAh or 425mAh battery, depending on your choice of size. But the Galaxy Watch Ultra beats them both with a 590mAh power supply. That said, for nearly double the battery life, the Ultra is nearly double the weight: with the two 7 variants weighing only 28.5-33.5g whilst the Ultra weighs 61.5g. Though these are by no means heavy, it highlights how wearable smart devices still need adequate dimensions to accommodate sufficiently powerful components.

All of this new information sets Samsung’s range of smartwatches on a collision course with Apple’s. Depending on the pricing and the oh-so-important build quality, these new units could seek to compete with Apple’s latest wearables. Previous leaks price the Galaxy Watch 7 between $299 and $310 – depending on the battery choice, seemingly. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch Ultra is over double that at $699-$710. These high-echelon prices put the Ultra decidedly as competitive with the Apple Watch Ultra 2, with the Galaxy Watch 7 being a lower-tier alternative.

As we say, these specifications aren’t confirmed, and that’s likely to stay the case until at least mid-July, but the amount of information that seems to be spilling out regarding these new smartwatches is disconcerting.

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