Snapdragon X Elite leak showcases mobile CPU running Baldur’s Gate 3 at 1080p

Promotional graphic for Snapdragon X Elite with a guide icon in the top left corner.

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If you’re wondering what kind of gaming performance the Snapdragon X Elite mobile CPU can provide, a recent leak might have revealed just that. An unofficially released demo showcased a Snapdragon X Elite-powered laptop running Larian Studios’ hit Dungeons and Dragons-themed RPG, Baldur’s Gate 3, at 1080p and hovering around 30FPS. This means you can run most open-world games, like The Witcher 3 or Helldivers 2, without issues. Though, of course, you may have to sacrifice some graphical fidelity for ideal performance while running these massive adventure games.

Insider Devin Arthur provided the demo in question, sharing the previously mentioned reel on Twitter/X. Questions had previously been raised about the upcoming processor’s potential, especially after Qualcomm engineer Issam Khalil revealed that it “can run most games” at GDC 2024. So this demo, no matter how brief, should at least give potential buyers some assurances regarding its capabilities. That said, since laptops containing the Snapdragon X Elite have yet to be released, you’ll need to remain wary of its performance for the time being until it reaches the market.

Snapdragon X Elite demos could indicate imminent launch

With Snapdragon X Elite demos starting to surface, this could signal the imminent arrival of the highly anticipated processor. Although most are expecting Qualcomm to launch it towards the end of 2024, they could release it sooner, possibly by June. That’s according to a previous XDA article, which stated, “Manufacturers want to ship [PCs equipped with the Snapdragon X Elite] in June 2024.” However, it’s worth noting that these models “can’t be shipped with the current version of Windows 11,” so there will be some glaring shortcomings, most notably the lack of Hudson Valley features.

Regardless, it should only be a matter of time until this long-awaited chip reaches people’s hands. But if you can’t wait until then, we suggest checking out the best CPU for gaming in 2024 so you can build your PC with a top-tier processor.

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