Surface Pro 8 Leak Features 120Hz Display, Thunderbolt

Microsoft's newest Surface device leaks ahead of reveal

surface pro 8 specs

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With Microsoft’s Surface Event hitting on the 22nd of this month, it was only a matter of time before we got some leaks out of Seattle.

Well, kind of. We got them out of Asia.

A tweet featuring an image advertising the new Surface shows off the specs, including Intel’s latest 11th generation of processors, and is a huge win for those of us on the USB-C Hype Train, dual Thunderbolt 4 ports – which double as USB-C!

But outside of this, the more interesting features seem to be the inclusion of a 13″, 120Hz high-refresh-rate monitor, as well as a replaceable SSD?!

While there’s no mention of the RAM being replaceable, the biggest issue with Surface laptops being what-you-buy-is-what-you-get with no real room for upgrades. Plus it means you can just replace what’s inside with something better down the line.

The leaker, Shadow_Leak, is claiming the price will be within the $799 range, but with just two days to go before the Microsoft event, we’ll see if these are reliable or not.

To back up these rumors, The Verge did report that the Surface Pro 8 would be launching with these features, so here’s hoping!

We’re expecting more information about the Surface Pro 8 from the event, but also the upcoming Surface Duo 2, Microsoft’s latest foray into the mobile phone market.

Windows 11 does release in just a couple weeks, with Microsoft doubling down on the TPM 2.0, but we don’t really expect to see anything about Windows 11 from the event, at least, not in detail.

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