Windows 11 will be released on October 5th

The next version will be a free upgrade, missing features

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Microsoft’s latest blog has revealed the operating system will be available on October 5th, but not everything that’s been announced for Windows 11 will be available at launch.

It seems instead of cramming everything in and rushing some features out the door broken, Microsoft will roll them out when ready. What is coming is featured in the 11 highlights of the software, but key features like Android app support seem to be missing.

This version seems to be laying the groundwork for what has yet to be done with the rest of the operating system, leaving a lot of the cooler things by the wayside and ensuring that businesses and productivity apps aren’t directly affected.

The new Microsoft Store makes its debut to the public, which has been redesigned to not be terrible. Meanwhile, they tout their inclusivity design – something the Xbox team has been pushing massively – and a bigger focus on developers being able to bring apps to the Windows store far easier.

Windows 365 is now available to businesses, so they can now deploy and test Windows 11 to their employees without much hassle, as well as using the Azure Virtual Desktop.

As seen in the last Preview build, Chat is now integrated into the operating system via Microsoft Teams and a widget-focused area will give you a running feed throughout the day.

Gaming is also getting a massive bump with the inclusion of DirectX12 Ultimate (fancy), which combined with Auto HDR is intended to give you the best of the best, with Windows doing the calibration for HDR and DirectX12 Ultimate giving you the best in class of graphics – once it’s built into the next generation of games.

It’s good to see Windows 11 finally get a release date so that there’s a solid base for us to work off, instead of these Preview Builds!

Microsoft also announced over the weekend that any PC would be able to install Windows 11, but with some weird restrictions!

Get around Windows 11’s new restrictions with an upgrade!

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When will Windows 11 be released?

October 5th.

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