Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.132 Released

Microsoft Teams, Tonnes of Fixes and a fresh lick of paint for the Calculator

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The Windows 11 Insider Program continues, as we get ever closer to the release date of Microsoft’s next operating system. Now updated to 22000.132 (so catchy), Windows 11’s beta is seeing some fixes and updates, as well as Microsoft putting in the long-anticipated update to their horrid built-in storefront.

It’s available now and we of course have been hot on the heels of Windows 11 since it entered Dev and Beta channels, so check if your hardware is up to spec, how to get into the program yourself and what versions to avoid!

Chat from Microsoft Teams

Meanwhile, it seems Mail is doing the same thing. Microsoft has had Mail and Calendars on lock since they properly gave it a good scrub and overhaul last time, so it appears this is just introducing independent themes to your operating system and adding in those soft Windows 11 corners to it.

It’s the same email as before, but sexy.

Bugs, Fixes and Known Issues

Microsoft is obviously still ironing out every little kink from Windows 11 before launch but has put up a fat list with each update post regarding what’s still yet to be done.

If you want to see that in one place, we have you covered.

Work from home has become the hot new norm for a lot of companies and Microsoft intends on taking the rug from under Slack, Google and Zoom by integrating Microsoft Teams more and more into the operating system.

By integrated, I mean this program is now installed by default as soon as you load up Windows 11 for the first time.

A preview of the preview for Chat from Microsoft Teams was put out last month, but it seems it’s actually now a thing you can use.

Microsoft has even created a specific shortcut to access your chats as quickly as possible via Windows Key+C and made it easier to focus on your work with inline replies when you get a notification.

When I say that Microsoft is gunning for dominance in this space, if you message someone who isn’t on Teams, they’ll receive the message and an invite to join Teams. You can even send an SMS!

If the account you use has been connected to Skype or Outlook previously, you’ll have everything integrated.

A massive update to this is the inclusion of a video chatting function that doesn’t require any installation. Just like Google Meet and Zoom, you can just bring anyone in via a link with full control over your devices.

It’s your standard fare for a video conference app these days, so of course, it features screen sharing, lobbies, and a gallery view to see everyone.

Just don’t expect your conversations to look as clean as those happy people above.

Calculator Updates!

Strap in folks, it’s time to talk about the update to Calculator!

This bad boy application has not only received a complete rewrite (it’s now in C# for modification purposes!) but it’s also got the option to be theme independent to the operating system!

Yes, we’re talking about Calculator.

The rewrite to C# means that the newly acquired GitHub by Microsoft means that it can now be forked and distributed with the network.

Snipping Tool & Mail

Snipping Tool (Win+Shift+S) is maybe Microsoft’s best update to Print Screen since Print Screen. The tool essentially lets you grab whatever portion of a screen you want, instead of the whole thing.

It’s the same thing as Windows 10, allowing you to annotate over your captures, but this time it has DARK MODE. 

No sarcasm, that’s exciting.

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