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Steam Deck is perfect for Zenless Zone Zero if you tweak a few of the default settings

Optimize your settings for ZZZ on Steam Deck
Last Updated on July 4, 2024
Zenless Zone Zero promotional art with Steam Deck render
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Release day for Zenless Zone Zero has finally come, and HoYoverse’s action RPG promises fast-paced hack-and-slash action for all. We think ZZZ is a title that Steam Deck users could get on board with, as it works well on a controller setup and looks well-suited for gaming on the go.

We’ve already covered the best graphics settings for Zenless Zone Zero on PC, but how well does it perform on the Steam Deck? Well, you may be happy to hear: extremely well, unlike the recent The First Descendant. You’ll manage to keep above the 60 FPS mark with some dips here and there while engaged in heavy combat, but some settings tweaks will help negate that.

Best graphics settings for Zenless Zone Zero on Steam Deck

Once you open up the graphics settings menu, you’ll be met with a range of options to tinker with. Nothing crazy here like ray tracing – not that we’d be using that on the Deck anyway. Firstly, the resolution is an odd one, split into Fullscreen and Windowed modes, but no support for the display’s native 1200 x 800.

Regardless, it looks and feels great with the settings below, which are essentially a few tweaks of the default medium preset to help counteract those nasty frame drops.

Display ModeDefault 1728×1080 Fullscreen
Image QualityCustom
Vertical SyncDisable
FX QualityMedium
Shading QualityMedium
Character QualityHigh
Environment QualityHigh
Mirror ReflectionsMedium
Volumetric FogMedium
Color Filter Strength10

Zenless Zone Zero gameplay on Steam Deck

To quote Steam Deck Gaming, he says “Not only is this working fantastically well, it’s getting a pretty solid sixty frames per second” – that’s with the recommended settings we’ve laid out above, sourced from SDG’s video. We weren’t too sure about the compatibility of this game ahead of launch, especially since it isn’t available directly from the Steam store, but that turned out to be no problem. If you’re interested, we’ve also put together a guide on how to install it via the HoYoPlay launcher, though it is available on Epic Games too if you prefer.

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