Do Routers Have A Device Limit?

Everything You Need to Know About Router Device Limits.

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We often find around eight or ten devices connected to our router after investigating its slower performance. But, apart from the performance factor, did you ever wonder how many devices a router can afford to have connected to it? 

Does it have a pre-set limit for the number of devices it can afford? Let’s find out.

Do Routers Have User Device Limit?

Do routers have a device limit?

Yes, routers usually have a device limit. However, there may not be an exact figure as it varies from router to router. Every router will have a pre-set number of devices it can handle, depending upon the manufacturer and the model.

Moreover, their firmware and hardware type determine the limit of connectable devices. This controls a certain amount of network or traffic that it can handle.

So, if you have countless devices connected to a router, it will undoubtedly affect its performance, forcing it to become unstable or slow down its speed.

Frequently, a typical house-use router can handle around 250 devices on it. Of course, this depends on the number of IP address limits it can assign to each device.

However, this is a rough estimate. In reality, most routers must be more capable of handling multiple devices.

To get the exact number of devices a router can handle. You will have to discuss it with the manufacturer itself. They will best help confirm the precise number of devices a router can support. It may fall between a minimum number of 10 and 250 as the highest limit.

Does Connecting to Many Devices Affect a Router’s Performance?

Connecting too many devices to a router can overcrowd a router. This will undoubtedly impact the router’s overall performance as these devices compete for the best performance.

As a result, it will give low-quality performance when streaming a video, slower browsing, and latency issues in gaming.


From the above, it is clear that most routers can hold at least ten and a maximum of 250 plus devices simultaneously. However, this is not an exact limit amount as it depends further upon the router’s size, model, and manufacturer.

If you want to know the precise amount, we recommend discussing it with the manufacturer or ISP directly for the best help.