Galaxy S24 camera specs – everything you need to know

What can we expect out of the Galaxy S24's camera?

Samsung Galaxy S24 camera specs.

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What do we know so far about the Galaxy S24 camera specs? The Samsung Galaxy S24 is set to be the talk of the town following its launch in the first quarter of 2024, with Samsung looking not just to outperform its S23 models but to stay a competitive force in the industry. 2023 was an exciting year for smartphone photography, with the likes of the Google Pixel 8 and Apple iPhone 15 bringing exciting innovations and setting a high standard for phone camera capabilities.

So, in this article, we present the confirmed camera specs of Samsung’s next-gen line of flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S24. We’ll also look at the camera specs of the S24 Ultra and S24 Plus, as well as compare the Galaxy S23 and S24 in terms of camera. So, let’s dive in and get started!

What are the camera specs of the Galaxy S24?

Camera specificationsSamsung Galaxy S24
Front12 MP
RearTriple camera – Main camera: 50 MP (24mm, ƒ/1.8); Second camera: 10 MP telephoto lenses (70mm, ƒ/2.4) with 3x optical zoom; Third camera: 12 MP ultra-wide (13mm, ƒ/2.2)
Video Recording?Yes
Galaxy S24 camera specs

One of the most exciting aspects of the Galaxy series has always been its camera capabilities, and the Samsung Galaxy S24 is no exception. As smartphone photography continues to evolve, Samsung is committed to delivering top-notch camera performance.

The primary camera on the Galaxy S24 has a high megapixel count of 50 MP, allowing for detailed and sharp images. Additionally, it features optical image stabilization (OIS), which helps reduce camera shake and ensures crisp photos, even in challenging shooting scenarios. Furthermore, the device has an ultra-wide-angle lens, enabling users to capture a wider field of view and more expansive landscapes.

In terms of video capabilities, the Galaxy S24 supports high-resolution recording, allowing users to capture videos with exceptional clarity. It also has advanced video stabilization technology, ensuring smooth and steady footage, even while on the move. Whether you’re recording precious moments with loved ones or creating content for social media, the Galaxy S24 delivers impressive results.

Tech rivals such as Google have invested heavily into advancing their phones’ photo processing abilities using AI, and Samsung will be following suit. A new feature called, Generative Edit, enables users to move or remove objects from their photos.

What camera spec is the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

Camera specificationsSamsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Front12 MP
Rear Quad camera – Main camera: 200 MP; Second camera: 50 MP; Third camera: 10 MP; Fourth camera: 12 MP ultra-wide
Video Recording?Yes
Galaxy S24 ultra camera specs

Due to the 200 MP camera being a huge upgrade to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, it’s expected that this feature might be here to stay for the next Samsung Ultra model.

Will the S24 camera be better than the S23?

The short and simple answer is yes—the Samsung Galaxy S24 camera system is better than the Galaxy S23 camera. The camera setup of the Galaxy S24 is very similar to the S23 camera setup. For example, the Galaxy S24 camera features a selfie camera at the front just like the S23. Seeing the camera specs of the S24 certainly makes the excitement surrounding its release greater, so in the meantime, we’ve covered other related topics.

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