Is the Samsung Galaxy S24 Out?

Is the new Samsung smartphone available to the public yet?


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Wondering if the Samsung Galaxy S24 is out? Although it is not available to the public yet, the forthcoming smartphone is expected to come with better and more advanced features than its predecessor, Galaxy S23. This article will cover all the rumors so far on the release date and the expected features of the Samsung Galaxy S24.

Will there be a Galaxy S24?

Galaxy S phones are some of the best Android phones in the game. Although nothing is 100% certain in the world of tech, we believe there will be a Galaxy S24 Series. This is because Samsung announce the release of their flagship Galaxy S phones every year for the past 13 years, usually around January or February time. And we believe they will continue with the trend. 

When is the Likely Release Date for Galaxy S24?

Though not yet officially confirmed by Samsung, the Galaxy S24 is expected to be unveiled in February next year as the successor to 2023’s Galaxy S23 lineup. Based on Samsung’s typical smartphone release cycle, the Galaxy S24 will likely be announced at the Unpacked Event in mid-to-late February 2024.

Pre-orders for the Galaxy S24 should open shortly after the announcement, with retail availability typically starting 3-4 weeks post-launch in March 2024. Samsung may stagger the release dates for the different S24 gen – for example, releasing the base S24 first, followed by the S24 Plus model and S24 Ultra variant later.

What will be the Price of Galaxy S24?

Since the device is yet to be released, it would be difficult for anyone to guess the price for now. However, we do believe pricing for the Galaxy S24 family will probably align closely with the Galaxy S23 series, ranging from approximately $799-$1199, depending on model, storage configuration, and region.

Possible Features

As the successor to the S23, the Galaxy S24 is expected to offer the latest specs and technologies in 2024. This includes upgrades like an improved Qualcomm Snapdragon processor based on a 3nm process, a better primary camera with a telephoto lens and variable zoom, an under-display selfie camera, slimmer bezels, and enhanced durability. Plus, there’s an upgraded stacked battery and faster charging.

Furthermore, leaks suggest high amounts of RAM and storage capacity – with base models around 256GB. 

Gloria’s Thoughts

While full details remain unknown at the moment, Samsung fans can expect the S24 to push boundaries while retaining the core Galaxy S series DNA. The phone promises a significant upgrade on previous models, and will stand alongside Apple’s iPhone 15 and the Samsung Galaxy A54 as one of the hottest new smartphones around.