Can I 3D Print Warhammer?

The Legalities of 3D Printing Warhammer Models

Can I 3D Print A Warhammer

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Many people wonder whether it is possible to print 3D Warhammer models, and whether it is even legal to print them. If you are wondering the same thing, then do not worry.

Our below article will help you about it with better knowledge.

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Is It Possible to Produce a Warhammer Model Using 3D Printing?

Yes, it is possible to print a Warhammer 3D model. Follow the easy steps below:



Find an STL or Create One

The first step to printing a 3D model is arranging a model.

  • Using your skills, you can use an existing 3D from different websites or create your own.
  • You can even use high-quality Warhammer models from Patreons by playing against them.



Use a 3D Printer

  • Next, you need a 3D printer to print your Warhammer miniatures model.
  • Using either a resin 3D printer or a filament 3D printer is better.

Note that resin 3D printers are the best option that can offer high-quality support with more details and features.



Slice Your STL File

  • Once you have created or downloaded your STL file, pass it through the slicer software.

The best choices for resin 3D printers are ChituBox, Lychee Slicer, and Prusa Slicer. For the filament, you can use the Prusa Slicer or Cura.



Choose the Right Material

The next step is to choose the best suitable material to use.

  • You can select different materials but make sure the material you use is of quality and ideal for your particular requires according to the printer type.



Paint the Model

Lastly, it would be best to paint your 3D model for the best colorful results.

However, people use different techniques with different 3D printer models.

You should check which is best for printing according to your 3D model and design.

Is it Legal to Use Warhammer Models?

As long as you use it for personal purposes, it is legal to use Warhammer. However, if you are 3D printing the Warhammer models to sell and earn a profit, then it is Illegal.


The Warhammer 3D models are easy to print if you have the tools and files with the right printer. However, consider its legal aspects, as selling the models created using Warhammer miniatures is not allowed.