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3D Printer Filament Black Friday Deals in 2023

Get yourself some more filament spools with these huge savings
Last Updated on October 27, 2023
Black Friday 3D Printer Filament
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For owners of FDM 3D printers, filament to keep those 3D prints going is key. There are a lot of potential options for spools, so it pays to find the right 3D printer filament. Black Friday deals will offer the best opportunity to get discounts and stock up too.

We’re here to help you get the 3D printer filament you need to keep on printing as much as you want. This article will feature current deals on printer filament, as well as what to look out for when shopping the Black Friday sales.

Best 3D Printer Filament deals 2023

  1. OVERTURE PLA Filament 1.75mm PLA 3D Printer Filament, 1kg Cardboard Spool, $18.99 (save $8)
  2. Silk PLA Tri-Color Coextrusion Filament, Rainbow PLA Filament 1kg, $32.98 (save $7.01)
  3. NUMAKERS PLA Plus (PLA+) 3D Printer Filament, 1.75mm, 1kg Spool, $20.99 (save $9)
  4. FRYFEVI PLA Filament 1.75mm Bundle, 2023 Upgraded Starry Series, 4x 1kg, $24.99 (save $5)
  5. Geeetch PLA Filament 1.75mm Bundle, 3D Printer Consumables, 1kg Spool, $129.99 (save $20)

Where to find the best 3D Printer Filament deals

If you’re new to 3D Printer filament, it isn’t as specialist as you may think. You can pick it up from larger online retailers, and there is generally a good variety of colors and bundles available:

Last year’s 3D Printer Filament Black Friday deals

US US Deals
UK UK Deals
Canada Canada Deals
Worldwide Worldwide Deals
More Deals Coming Soon!

When will 3D Printer Filament Black Friday deals start in 2023?

You can expect 3D Printer filament Black Friday deals to kick off when key retailers begin their sales. This means looking towards the start of November when discounts will begin to appear.

That’s not to say that there won’t be deals available earlier – in fact, we often see deals on 3D printer filament – but it does mean there may be more choices (and good offers) readily available when the sales begin in earnest.

For example, Best Buy and Amazon both start their Black Friday deals around a week before the event, before the main offers arrive on the day itself.

How to get the best 3D Printer Filament Black Friday deals in 2023?

Price check: Knowing the prices for spools of filament ahead of the sales is helpful. It’ll allow you to more easily spot the best deals when the sales do arrive. Also, be sure to check the prices of similar products across stores to get the best deal.

Shop early: Shopping early can get you some of the best deals during the Black Friday period, before stock runs out and before some shoppers in your time zone may be thinking about browsing.

Shop the main sales: Getting a deal before Black Friday itself is fine of course. If you’re happy that’s all that matters. But take note that the best deals may arrive a bit later on, or on the day itself – Friday November 25.

What to consider when looking for Black Friday 3D Printer Filament deals

What filament? PLA or PETG. It’s an important difference because, although PLA is more popular, PETG offers more durability to prints. So it’s important to pay attention to this detail when looking for spool savings.

Colors: There’s more to 3D Printer filament than standard color palettes. Shiny, rainbow, and silk variants also exist, so don’t feel you need to stick to primary or secondary colors to get the best offers. Why not seek out something a bit special to help give your prints that something extra.

What is the cheapest filament for 3D printer?

PLA filament is the cheapest of the filaments available for 3D Printers. Costs will vary between spools and manufacturers but this type of filament should always be far and away cheaper than the more durable PETG filament.

What is a good price for PLA?

It depends on the size and, to a degree, the color and finish. But a 1kg spool of PLA is usually around $USD 20-30. Of course, 3D printer filament during Black Friday should be a fair bit cheaper. So you may expect to pay up to $20 for 1kg, as opposed to over it.

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