Chrome Keeps Crashing Android – How To Fix

Chrome Keeps Crashing Android

Does Chrome keep crashing on your Android device? Google Chrome is either default or installed web browser on most Android handsets, when fresh out of the box at least. It makes sense to have Google’s own browser on when using Android thanks to the uniform performance of Google accounts across Google services such as Chrome, Gdrive, Gmail, and more. But what happens when it starts misbehaving? Here are some of the error messages you may have seen when Google Chrome crashes:

proxy error in Google Chrome:

  • err_connection_reset_chrome

This web page is not available:

  • err_connection_closed
  • err_connection_failed

Chrome Keeps Crashing Android - How To Fix

Chrome Keeps Crashing Android

If Chrome keeps crashing on your Android device and you’re struggling to fix it, don’t worry. let’s go through some general troubleshooting tips. Failing that, we’ll explore the crash problems in a little more detail:


Close Other Tabs And Apps

Chrome Keeps Crashing Android

If you have a lot of tabs open on Google Chrome, it may be using up your Android handset memory. Make sure to keep tabs to a minimum, doing so will reduce crashes. Just close every tab that has the error message and also close any other open apps and downloads to see if any of these processes are triggering Google Chrome crashing.


Restart Chrome

Chrome Keeps Crashing Android

On Google Pixel handsets, swipe up and hold to bring up open apps and swipe up on Google Chrome to close it. For other Android handsets, tap the overview button then swipe on the Google Chrome window to close. Resetting software and hardware dumps temporary files used on that session, which may very well fix your issues.


Restart Your Handset

Chrome Keeps Crashing Android

Turning off, or restarting, your handset or tablet will have the same effects as the previous steps. Those temporary files can really cause a mess!


Try Opening The Page In Another Browser

Chrome Keeps Crashing Android

There may be an issue with your Google Chrome installation. Try loading up the problematic web page(s) in another browser. If they work fine, uninstall and re-install Google Chrome from the Google Play Store. If the website is working in another browser, check your internet connection or wait for the website to come back online. Even better, reach out to the website owner and let them know. If Chrome keeps crashing Android after completing the above steps, reach out on the Google Chrome Help Community forums.

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