How to Update Chrome on Android

Update other apps too!

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Updating Chrome on Android is important to keep on top of any software vulnerabilities and to build up a defense against potential malware. Google Chrome is the go-to web browser for many across PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices thanks to its speedy performance, extension support, and ease of use with Google accounts and Android platforms.

Most importantly, Google Chrome comes as the default browser for most Android-enabled devices these days. It’s important to know how to update chrome Android and keep on top of apps in general on the platform.

Update Chrome on Android

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We’re going to take you through the quick and easy steps needed to update Chrome Android using a Google Pixel 5 running Android 12. Don’t worry if you have a different version of Android or handset, these steps should be the same for everyone.

We’ll be checking if there are any update Chrome Android prompts in the Google Play Store, which is also a great way to check for other app updates, and to turn automatic updates on (Recommended).

Open the Google Play Store

App drawer

Go into your handset app drawer and select the ‘Play Store’ app.

Manage Apps And Device

Once in, tap your Google account icon on the top-right, then go for ‘Manage apps and device’.

Update Chrome Android – Updates Available?

Updates available

Tap ‘Updates available’ (This will only show up if updates are available) and hit the update buttons next to the relevant app. As you may notice from these screenshots, Google Chrome is up to date.

Update Chrome Android – Setup Auto Update

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Whilst you’re in the play store, navigate to Profile icon > Settings > Network preferences > Auto-update apps to set whether you’d like to Auto-update Chrome Android and other apps to update over WiFi or if you’d like to use your unlimited data plan instead. For all things Android, make sure to bookmark and visit our Android Hub!

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