Can Chat GPT solve physics?

Measuring Chat GPT's physics expertise

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Chat GPT has been getting a lot of attention lately and it is no surprise! OpenAI’s language model seems to be the most powerful AI chatbot that’s been released to the public. And when it comes to natural language processing tasks, there really isn’t much this model can’t do. But, can Chat GPT solve physics?

In short, Chat GPT can solve physics problems but not all the time. Since the model is built to churn out responses in the form of text, Chat GPT will likely struggle with advanced calculations, deriving theorems, and evaluating difficult integrals. All of which are required for at least college-level courses.

However, the model seems to be able to answer physics problems that are conceptual in nature. YouTuber, Cool Worlds actually put Chat GPT against an introductory-level college astrophysics exam. Surprisingly, the model managed to answer most of the multiple-choice questions correctly, scoring 73.9% on the test.

This is pretty impressive, to say the least. The model was even able to provide explanations and reasoning behind its answers.

So let’s tone it down now, to high-school-level physics. From what it seems, Chat GPT will be able to solve most school physics questions. We actually tested the model on a straightforward problem assessing knowledge of pressure.

The AI successfully answered the question and even showed its working. This clearly demonstrates Chat GPT’s ability to at least perform some basic mathematical calculations.

Is there an app that solves physics?

There are a bunch of apps that can help you solve physics problems. Of course, the more advanced the problem the more difficult it will be to find an app that is capable of tackling your query. Regardless, here are a couple of apps you could try out:

PhyWiz – Physics Solver

This app is available for free from the Google Play Store. PhyWiz is able to help you with physics homework covering over 30 different topics including kinematics, quantum physics, and forces. And can provide detailed solutions including numerous equations to teach you how to tackle various problems.


WolframAlpha is a favorite among the maths and physics community. The website not only offers help with mathematical and physics calculations but also covers numerous topics in Science & Technology, Society & Culture, and Everyday Life.

Final Thoughts

Chat GPT definitely has the ability to solve physics problems. But, to what degree of difficulty? It is important to remember that Chat GPT isn’t a calculator of any sort but more a text generator with a large bank of knowledge of the world.

If you want an answer to a conceptual problem, solely based on ideas and principles, Chat GPT could definitely help you. When it comes to difficult calculations, however, you may want to look elsewhere.

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