ChatGPT Function Calling Explained

Using ChatGPT as a programming assistant

An explanation of how function calling works with OpenAI AI chatbot ChatGPT.

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Want ChatGPT function calling explained? Artificial intelligence has taken the internet by storm. Developers are working around the clock to develop natural language processing AI that will meet the different needs of humans. OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot has revolutionized how people develop, use, and direct artificial intelligence. 

OpenAI has even gone a step further to set standards in machine learning and AI development by releasing an update – the ChatGPT function calling among other different types of updates, such as longer context and API models. In this article, our focus will be on the Chat GTP function calling.

The function calling allows LLM also known as the Large Language Model to design output into a natural conversation language and a format that can be used by another system.

What are Function Calls?

With the GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo, the developers can return JSON objects for function calls. This offers them unlimited possibilities and opportunities when interacting with APIs and other tools.

JSON is an abbreviation of JavaScript Object Notation which is an encoding system designed to overcome the need for coding to enhance communication between applications and servers. This feature feeds structured data back to developers. Function calls are a new method to reliably connect GPT capabilities with other tools and APIs.

How Does ChatGPT Function Calling Work?

ChatGPT function calling has enabled AI developers to do several things, such as:

Create chatbots. Developers can use this feature to create chatbots that answer questions by calling external tools like the different plugins that work well with ChatGPT.

Convert natural language into database queries and API calls. It allows developers to convert the normal language into an internal API call that answers questions and suggests better options.

Extract structured data from text. Specific function calling enables the extraction of structured data from a text. For example, it can extract specific names, dates, or numbers from a text or an article with ease.

ChatGPT function calling ability to do various things is a clear indication that there is rapid development and advancement in artificial intelligence technology. There are endless possibilities in the AI world as more developments take shape. Function calling, in particular, gives developers structured data back from a model they are working on – effectively reinforcement learning.

What are the real-world practical applications of ChatGPT function calling?

This feature is a practical tool that can be used to find solutions to complex problems. ChatGPT function calls can be used to solve complex mathematical equations that involve numbers and formulas in different formats. You can easily solve such complex equations by combining functions with prompts. It allows developers to define and use custom functions to solve complicated problems that require various steps, calculations, and instructions. 

This is just an example of how powerful this feature is. It can also be used to solve other complex problems in different fields, not just in the mathematical field alone.

The function calling feature has enabled ChatGPT to provide more broad and detailed answers to a wide variety of questions and tasks. Be it complex inquiries, in-depth discussions, coding problems, mathematical problems, giving solutions to tough questions, or whatever it is, ChatGPT will get answers for you because it is well-equipped with insightful and helpful responses.  

Safety Measures

While AI is still evolving and new features are being released regularly, there are safety concerns that are coming up. However, OpenAI is working around the clock to fine-tune and diminish possible exploits in its products and systems. Human feedback is one of the ways this is done.

Developers are constantly advised to use trusted tools and to set up user confirmation steps before releasing any products or performing any real-world actions. This is aimed at ensuring that all AI models that are developed are used responsibly and that all users and their data are protected at all times. So those attempting to hack ChatGPT will not have a chance as security measures have been put in place to not only protect user data but also to stop jailbreak attempts.


ChatGPT function calling is a powerful tool that can help solve complex problems in the real world and also can be used to create more intelligent and interactive applications. It is evident that as AI technology evolves and presents new features to the world, there are endless possibilities that can be achieved by AI.