How to Fix WhatsApp Voice Message Speed

How to Fix WhatsApp Voice Message Speed

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For those wanting to know how to fix the WhatsApp voice message speed issue, this article has all the answers. WhatsApp Messager has a handy feature where users can send each other a WhatsApp voice message using their phone’s microphone or mic they bought for the desktop. It is handy when you want to send someone a long message and don’t want to spend time typing it out. People are able to send long voice messages and WhatsApp has a new feature in which you are able to change the playback speed.

The problem occurs because when you change the speed of the voice message by accident or not it makes this the default speed for all voice messages.

This guide will go over the fixes for all types of WhatsApp including Android, iPhone, Mac, and PC Desktop versions.

How to Fix WhatsApp voice message speed – Android and iOS

On mobile phones, the fix is simple.


Fix WhatsApp voice message speed – Android and IOS

    1. Open WhatsApp
    2. Tap on one of the chats that have a voice message in it.
    3. Play the voice message.
    4. You will see an icon that has 1x, 1.5x, or 2x
    5. Press this button to toggle the playback speed.

The numbers refer to the WhatsApp audio message’s playback speed with 1x being normal and 2x being double the speed. The layout of WhatsApp is different between iOS and Android but the steps a relatively similar.

How to Fix WhatsApp voice message speed – PC/Mac

The WhatsApp application for desktops functions extremely similar to its mobile counterparts. To fix WhatsApp audio speed on an Apple Mac or Windows PC follow these steps:


Fix WhatsApp voice message speed – PC/Mac

    1. Open the WhatsApp desktop app
    2. From the chats menu, open the chat with the voice message you receive.
    3. Play the voice message.
    4. Within the message bubble change the playback speed.

WhatsApp Web also uses the same layout as the desktop app. So these steps can be applied to that version too.

Users have reported an issue with accessing WhatsApp Web because of a QR code error, but read our guide to fixes to the QR code scanning issue.

Final thoughts

Whatsapp’s fast playback feature has caused some issues for users. Although slightly confusing, learning how to fix WhatsApp voice message speeds is simple across all devices, especially if you follow the steps above. If you are still having issues with playback speeds then contact WhatsApp support.