Is Copilot (formerly Bing Chat) still free?

Is Microsoft's rebranded Bing Chat still free?

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Many Microsoft Edge users are wondering if Bing AI, also known as New Bing, the new browser-based chatbot within the Bing search engine, is free to use. Using OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology, Bing AI exploits machine learning and large language models (LLM) to produce naturalistic text-based interactions with users. The chatbot can help in a plethora of ways, such as answering questions, engaging in casual conversation, providing recommendations, and giving helpful advice on a wide range of topics.

Would you like to know if the Bing AI chatbot is available for free? This article will take you through all you need to be aware of. 

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Can I use Microsoft Copilot (formerly Bing Chat) for free?

At the moment, there is no premium option for the AI bot. Bing Chat is only available for free. However, there are some limitations you should be aware of when using the platform. It has a limit of 300 conversations per day. There is also a limit of 30 turns per chat session. Furthermore, the conversation length is also limited, with 2,000 characters per response. Another point to consider is that you can only use Bing AI inside the Microsoft Edge Browser and you need to have a Microsoft account to access the free version of Copilot. Microsoft Copilot image generator uses OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 to generate responses while Bing’s latest Deep search uses OpenAI’s GPT 4 model to get you more thorough search results.

So, in other words, you can use Bing AI for free. However there is a limit on the number of conversations you can have each day, and it is only accessible via a limited number of platforms. One of the platforms is Microsoft 365 which lets you allow integrations of the Copilot Pro (Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise now fall under the Copilot umbrella) and gives an enhanced experience. But it comes under a paid subscription if you want to use into Microsoft 365. The business basic plan starts at $6+ per month, the business standard plan starts at $12.50 per month, and a business premium kicks off at $22 per month. There are other versions of Microsoft copilot too that may charge additional costs.

What features does Microsoft Copilot (formerly Bing Chat) have?

Since its release, Microsoft has added tons of features, and modes to the Bing AI chatbot to make it better in terms of capabilities and performance. Here are some of the key features of the chatbot.

Chat History

Much like ChatGPT, Bing AI has a chat history that allows you to access previous conversations with the chatbot. With that, you can easily revisit your old conversations and even export and share them with friends. This feature puts Bing AI on the same level as other advanced AI chatbots that support chat history.

Bing Image Creator

Bing AI has an image creator which allows you to generate complex images easily. Users can use the generative AI chatbot to create an image from their imagination. All you have to do is establish a reliable internet connection, enter a prompt that describes the image, and the Bing image creator will generate it instantly. Even you can now use Microsoft Copilot on Android and iOS.

Generate Codes and Text

Bing AI bot can generate code in multiple programming languages, such as C#, C++, JavaScript, Java, Python, and more. In addition, the AI bot can generate text content like essays, poems, and more.

Information summaries 

Bing AI can summarise the information on any given browsing webpage. You can use the sidebar to get the main points of the website you’re reading without ever navigating away from the page!

Final Thoughts

Despite some limitations around the amount you can use this tool, Bing’s Chatbot is a really useful tool for Microsoft Edge users wanting to incorporate AI into their user experience.