Best Amazon Prime Day PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 Deals In 2021

Let's find you the best deals for Sony PlayStation this Prime Day!

We were originally going to make this page exclusively PlayStation 5 but owing to the extreme shortage of consoles we can’t guarantee much joy to owners of Sony’s newest console here so we have cunningly comboed it with the PlayStation 4, figuring that even if you own a 5, you may well still have kept hold of your PS4 so now you don’t need to traverse between pages as all the best PlayStation deals will be right here in this very spot!

What PlayStation 5 Deals To Expect On Amazon Prime Day?

Er, maybe move along please! Call us pessimistic but after the year retail has had and the demands for PlayStation 5 still outstripping demand we certainly aren’t going to see any deals on virtually non-existent stock unless a surprise bundle deal pops up and surprises us all somewhere along the way. That will depend on whether Amazon has managed to squirrel away any stock to use up on its special day or not. if not then you might be able to find a few dollars off here and there on existing games or controllers, but don’t expect to go on vacation with what you save on PlayStation 5 this Prime Day 2021.

What PlayStation 4 Deals To Expect On Amazon Prime Day?

Now here’s where we expect to see some hot action. Retailers such as Amazon, we believe, will be looking to take advantage of a shocker of 12 months and slash prices on older stock for the PlayStation 4 so we would expect decent discounts not only on games and peripherals but also on any remaining stock that might well get bundled together to make the deals even more appealing. This will probably be the last big year for the PS4 when it comes to reductions so be on your toes if you are in the market for anything to do with Sony’s last-gen console – which let’s face it, is still pretty amazing.

Is Amazon Prime Day A Good Time To Buy A Playstation 5?

Well you’d think wouldn’t you?. But then we had the stock shortage.  It is all going to depend on whether Amazon has been holding anything back. They have had semi-regular hardware drops of very limited numbers of late so it could be possible they may have some going spare. They could easily be used in bundles though, but either way, if they are going to be available they certainly are not going to last long so you need to be bookmarking this page, getting up early, and being fresh on refresh.

Amazon Prime Day Alternatives

Other retailers have also jumped on the fact that people are searching for deals on the same day as Amazon Prime Day so it is wholly likely that you will find other sellers knocking cold, hard cash off their price tags. Don’t worry, when we find those we will put them right here on this page too.

Amazon Prime Membership

There is one little bit of small print when it comes to Amazon Prime Day – you have to be a Prime member to get access to the deals themselves. If you’re already a member then you don’t need to do anything (although you can set up some deal alerts to make sure you don’t miss out). If you’re not a Prime member, read on to find out what to do next.

If you’ve never been a Prime member before then you can get a free 30-day trial membership to try out the service. Not only will this give you access to the Prime Day deals on offer, but it will also allow you to enjoy the other benefits of Prime for the full month.

If you have been a Prime member but canceled your membership, then you won’t be able to take advantage of the free trial. But, the one-month subscription fee can definitely be worth it if you’re looking to get your hands on a few games, or even a new console this Prime Day.

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