Best Amazon Prime Day PlayStation 5 Deals In 2022

Let's find you the best deals for Sony PlayStation this Prime Day!

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New Playstation 4 Prime Day deals may be a thing of the past, but PS4 accessories and games are still fit for discounts. As is one of our main hopes for Prime Day deals – the Playstation 5. We’re holding out for a smart reduction for the console and decent bundle deals too. So if you are still waiting to get your hands on one, we’ll be on the lookout for the best value.

Prime Day Playstation 5

What PlayStation 5 Deals Will Be Included On Amazon Prime Day?

Given that the Playstation 5 is still somewhat hard to find, we’re a bit cautious about there being huge discounts on the console itself. However, there are likely to be PS5 accessory deals and PS5 game deals, which we’ll also be keeping an eye on. These are the current deals we like:

Playstation 5 Games Deals

For the console, perhaps there may be some bundle offers available, and if there are we’ll be putting those right here. As PS5 restocks are ongoing, there’s no need for retailers to offer discounts supply is still high. However, we’re not ruling it out.

What PlayStation 4 Deals Will Be Included On Amazon Prime Day?

With Playstation 5 deals potentially lacking you may be wondering about the Playstation 4. Well, although 2021 saw PS4s fly off the shelves due to delays and shortages of the PS5, 2022 is a different story.

As the Playstation 4 is no longer easily available for new, perhaps games and accessories will be discounted on Prime Day. Game discounts would be a bonus for Playstation 5 owners too of course, as the Playstation 5 is backward compatible. But the older console has likely had its (Prime) day.

Is Amazon Prime Day A Good Time To Buy A Playstation 5?

Well, you’d think so wouldn’t you? But with Playstation 5 stock still not flowing as freely as it could, it is going to depend on whether Amazon has been holding anything back. It could be possible they may have some console spare, but they could easily be used in bundles. Either way, if consoles are going to be available they certainly are not going to last long, so you need to be bookmarking this page, getting up early, and being fresh on refresh.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Prime Day 2022 will be on July 12th-13th, so those are the days to keep an eye on the console offers at the online retailer. We’ll be doing that too, so you can get the best Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 deals more easily. Take note though, you will need to be a Prime subscriber.

What other deals will be available during Amazon Prime Day?

We’ll be keeping our eyes on a range of tech treats this July. So if you’re after discounts beyond the best Prime Day Playstation 5 and Playstation 4 Deals this year then keep an eye on the below.