Best Prime Day PlayStation 5 deals 2023

Let's find you the best deals for Sony PlayStation this Prime Day!

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As you’re looking for that new console, there’s no better thing than getting it for much cheaper. That’s where the best Prime Day PlayStation 5 deals in 2023 come in. We’ve saved you the time of scouring the store for the scraps and bring you the top selection of deals on Amazon.

With the console in high demand since its launch, you might have initially missed out on it. But now could be the time to grab one of them, as Prime Big Day Deals come in clutch to save you plenty of money on them. With so much time passed, there should be plenty available now for you to enjoy.

If you are after some great deals, then rest assured our team of experts brings you the best tech deals Amazon has to offer. Making the task much easier for you than searching far and wide, you can find the PS5 deals right here as we do the hard work for you.

Today’s best Prime Day PlayStation 5 deals


PlayStation 5 Console – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Bundle (slim)

Bundle includes Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 full game digital voucher
Save 11% NOW!

PlayStation 5 console and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 bundle (Slim)

PlayStation 5 console (new 2023 model, Slim) with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
Save $249.01 now!

Sony 65 Inch Mini LED 4K Ultra HD TV X93L Series with Playstation 5 Console

Save $1,051.99 now!

Sony 85 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X90L Series with Playstation 5 Console

Things to consider when finding a Prime Day PlayStation 5 deal

Before making a decision on a Prime Day PlayStation 5 deal, there are several crucial factors you should take into account. Take a moment to review the following points to ensure you have a clear understanding of your purchase:

  • Availability: In the past, PS5 consoles were notoriously difficult to find in stock, leading to extended wait times and delivery delays. Thankfully, this situation has improved significantly, and availability is no longer a major concern.
  • PS5 Varieties: There are two main variants of the PS5: the Standard Edition and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. While both offer the same gaming power, the Digital Edition lacks a disc drive and can only play digitally downloaded games. However, it typically comes at a lower price point. Be sure to consider your gaming preferences before making a choice.
  • Controller Count: Ensure you purchase an adequate number of controllers to accommodate your gaming needs. Additional controllers may be necessary for multiplayer gaming or as replacements.
  • Seller Trustworthiness: Always verify the credibility of the seller offering the PS5 you intend to purchase. Checking Amazon reviews and customer feedback can provide valuable insights into the seller’s reputation and customer satisfaction.
  • Warranty and Return Policies: Keep an eye out for warranty coverage and return policies to ensure added protection for your purchase. Understanding the terms and conditions for returns can be particularly important in case any issues arise with your PS5.
  • Storage: Although it might come with a limited space, you can expand your PS5 storage, so you could look for an SSD to increase your game capacity on the console.

By considering these factors, you can make a well-informed decision when exploring Prime Day deals for the PlayStation 5.

How to find the best Amazon Prime Day PlayStation 5 deals?

Hunting for the finest Amazon Prime Day deals can be a mix of excitement and challenge, but when it comes to a single product like the PS5, the process is somewhat more straightforward. These deals will typically revolve around the console itself or bundles that include games or controllers. Nevertheless, there will be multiple sellers offering varying discounts, making it wise to leverage price tracking tools. These tools allow you to review historical prices, enabling you to spot genuine discounts with confidence.

Furthermore, it’s advisable to closely monitor Amazon’s “Upcoming Deals” section for any other items that pique your interest. You can enhance your search by using filters and sorting options to refine your selection and ensure you don’t miss out on enticing offers.

How long will Amazon Prime Day PlayStation 5 deals last?

In October 2023, Amazon Prime Big Deal Days will span across two consecutive days: October 10th and 11th. While you may come across offers labeled as ‘Early Prime Day deals,’ the official Prime Day event will occur exclusively within this timeframe.

It’s important to be aware that, even though the sale runs for two days, there’s no assurance that a specific deal will last for the entire duration. In fact, many deals will have limited quantities or time restrictions. Therefore, it’s advisable not to procrastinate and to act promptly to secure the deals you desire.

In addition to the standard deals, be on the lookout for highly time-sensitive Lightning Deals. These offers will feature a brief countdown timer before they vanish, so remain vigilant and seize these opportunities swiftly while they’re available!

What should I be looking for?

Ensuring you select the appropriate PS5 model (either the standard PlayStation 5 or the Digital Edition) and compatible games is essential when seeking a Prime Day PlayStation 5 deal. It’s worth noting that the Digital Edition is solely compatible with digitally downloaded games and cannot play physical discs. Additionally, exercise caution in confirming the reliability of the seller you intend to purchase from.

Fortunately, when shopping for a Prime Day PlayStation 5 deal, there aren’t many complex factors to consider. However, keep an eye out for bundles as they can offer additional savings on top of the standard deals, particularly if they include games or controllers that align with your purchase plans.