Best PS5 Console Bundle deals for Father’s Day

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We understand the “thrill of the hunt”, especially when you’re tracking down the best PS5 Console Bundle deals across the vast expanse of the internet. And here’s the good news – we’ve done the hunting for you. We’ve spent hours poring over countless options, finally assembling an elite list of the top deals that you should absolutely know about. So, if you’ve been eyeing a fresh new PS5, prepare yourself for these options we’ve lined up for you. 

Today’s best PS5 Console Bundle deals

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PlayStation PS5 Console – God of War Ragnarök Bundle

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Where to find the best PS5 Console Bundle deals

Major electronics retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart are your perfect allies in this search. They tend to hold great sales events throughout the year and even offer enticing bundle deals – as you see in our list. Don’t forget about the online gaming vendors like GameStop either. Such platforms live and die by the quality of their deals, and PS5 console bundle deals are the ones most sought after, no discussion about that.

Are PS5 Console Bundle deals worth it?

PS5 is not a mere gaming console – it’s an entire universe of entertainment. With its powerful performance, immersive graphics, and a multitude of blockbuster games, it offers a premium gaming experience that’s worth every penny. Especially if you have a big nice TV to pair it up with – your friends will want to visit every day.

Moreover, scoring a PS5 bundle deal is like hitting the jackpot in a casino. In addition to the console, bundles come packed with popular games or accessories. This means you’re essentially saving on those additional purchases you’d likely have made anyway, and those often go a long way.

How long will Father’s Day PS5 Console Bundle deals last?

In 2023, Fathers’ Day is landing on June 18th and you can bet your last game token that retailers have begun lining up some stellar deals in anticipation. If a PS5 bundle sounds like the perfect dad gift (or even a “for yourself” gift), you’re in for a treat.

There’s a comfortable amount of time left to peruse your options and commit to the one that suits you best. These deals mostly continue even after the marked date, but a word of caution – stock can disappear quicker than a health potion in a boss fight. So, once you’ve zeroed in on a deal that fits your needs and budget, it’s a savvy idea to hit the ‘buy’ button. Don’t get caught red-handed!