What is Google Keep?

All the info about Google's note-taking app

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Despite being over 10 years old, many are wondering – What is Google Keep?

Originally launched back in March 2013, Keep is Google’s dedicated note-taking application. It is designed to help users make, edit and share notes with others.

Compared to other note-taking apps on the market, Google Keep seems incredibly simple. The tech giant definitely knows how to craft some easy-to-use applications and Keep is no exception. Its user interface features a very sleek, lightweight design with many simple customization options.

Although don’t let its appearance fool you, apparently the app has over one billion downloads, making it one of the most popular note-taking apps on Android.

As you would expect, Keep benefits from being part of Google’s suite of Workspace applications. It will automatically sync with your Google Drive – allowing you to access your notes from any device anywhere.

It also has some pretty neat integrations. For example, you can copy across a note from Keep straight into Docs with the “Copy to Google Doc” feature.

You can use Google Keep via the free mobile app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices. Alternatively, Keep can be accessed from its website or by using the Chrome extension.

What is the purpose of Google Keep?

Google Keep is a pretty safe option if you want to make a checklist, jot things down or store a few ideas quickly. You’ll be happy to hear that this app can be used for many different purposes. Here is a rundown of its main features:

Lists – Google Keep can be used to create checklists. Ideal for those wanting to make shopping and To-do lists.

Notes – Making standard written notes on Keep is easy, you even have the option to customise them by colour.

Drawn notes – There’s an option to handwrite your notes using the paintbrush feature. This is perfect for anyone hoping to store a few sketches.

Voice notes – Just like the name suggests, you can save short voice clips to Keep too.

Pictures – Similar to other note-taking apps, you can also add images to your notes.

Labels – Google Keep’s label feature operates similarly to folders. Simply create a label and attach it to your notes to create a collection.

Collaborators – Google Keep is one of the best note apps for collaboration and sharing. Simply, add other Google users to your notes to grant them access.

Final Thoughts

Google Keep is a great solid option if you are looking for a lightweight note-taking app. Since it is part of the Google ecosystem it is really easy to share notes with friends and family.

Given that the app is free to use, we definitely recommend trying it out to get a feel for what it can do.