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Best RX 5700 XT Graphics Card

Last Updated on September 14, 2021

The RX 5700 XT range of graphics cards offer a great price to performance ratio that makes them one of the most popular buys for enthusiasts looking to get great bang for their buck on Amazon. get ready, it’s roundup time.

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Best RX 5700 XT Graphics Card

  • Lowest price
  • Best availability
  • Best for custom cooler installation
  • Stock cooler leaves a lot to be desired
  • Low price
  • Fairly solid cooler design
  • RGB!
  • 2.5 slot
  • The best performance, cooling or otherwise
  • RGB!
  • High price for a 5700 XT
  • Unreasonably large for many builds
  • Good price
  • Slightly higher factory OC
  • One of the smaller 5700 XTs
  • 2.5 slot

What is the RX 5700 XT? How is it different from the RX 5700?

The RX 5700 XT graphics card, alongside its non-XT cousin, is one of the first cards introduced to the market using AMD’s 7nm manufacturing process and Navi architecture. It’s made to provide a cheaper alternative to Nvidia’s high-end RTX series of graphics cards by prioritizing performance-per-dollar and skipping out on features like the AI-powered DLSS or real-time ray-tracing.

The 5700 XT is differentiated from its non-XT variant by a roughly 10% performance difference. This may sound like a small change, but it puts the two cards in entirely different price ranges and performance tiers thanks to diminishing gains in performance once you breach the high-end GPU market.

What are its competitors?

The RX 5700 XT is mainly billed as a far cheaper alternative to Nvidia’s RTX 2070 Super, but also isn’t much more expensive than a 2060 Super. In pure performance, it beats the latter card with ease, and trades blows frequently enough with the former card that it becomes the go-to high-end value pick for this price range… as long as you don’t need ray-tracing.

Do clock speed differences matter?

Yes, but no.

A higher clock speed will provide higher out-of-box performance, but not by a whole lot. Fundamentally, every RX 5700 XT on the market is using the exact same RX 5700 XT GPU chip with the exact same capabilities.

However, higher factory overclocks can save you, the user, the trouble of dealing with the OC process yourself. Additionally, higher factory OCs also tend to show some confidence on the manufacturer’s part in their cooler design.

How does the RX 5700 XT perform in games?

Thanks to this stellar benchmarking run from TechSpot, we can confidently confirm that the RX 5700 XT is capable of both 1440p gaming at 100+ FPS and 4K gaming at ~60 FPS with minimal if any settings adjustments required in most titles. That makes for a great experience in pretty much any game currently available on the market, and likely many more games to come. We aren’t the only ones who think this, either- the sales figures speak for themselves.

If you’re still playing with a 1080p display, this graphics card might be a little bit overkill for your needs unless you’re also driving 144 Hz or 240 Hz. 1080p gamers would be more reasonably serviced with the RX 580 or GTX 1660, depending on their budget and specific needs.

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Our Verdict

Whichever 5700 XT card you choose you can’t really go wrong with this architecture. Our choice here though is the PowerColor Red Devil as we think it hits that sweet spot between price and performance. It’s difficult to make a bad choice with these cards though and the Thicc III is a great looker to show off in your nice case as well.