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Black November to become new normal for Walmart this holiday

Does getting Black Friday deals before thanksgiving sit right with you? Here's what you need to know
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
Black November
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Walmart will be holding a series of ‘Black Friday’ sales before the big day, which seems to be a continuation of their ‘Deal For Days’ Covid-safe Black Friday effort in 2020. This year, the hypermarket behemoth will start dropping deals on November 3rd, which is a Wednesday. ‘Black November Wednesday’ doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

It’s the latest in large retail outfits pushing the boat on when they can get customers to foam at the mouth over bargains, with Amazon notably holding pre-Black Friday events then dragging them out into Cyber Monday deals for the past few years. It looks like the ‘Black November’ trend is having a knock-on effect with other retail giants such as Target, which is somewhat diluting the Black Friday event altogether.

“Members of the public may turn into Zombies whilst queuing at Walmart throughout Black November”

Creating demand is one thing, but there has to be a line that separates Black Friday-style events and standard daily deals, otherwise, what’s the point? Black Friday is a great way to get rid of outdated lines and slow-selling products by slashing dollars from retail markups. Consumers get a bargain, retailers clear their warehouses and see a bump in revenue, and the US (And probably Global by now) economy gets a healthy jump-start on the run-up to Christmas.

Regardless of opinion and statistics on the matter, it doesn’t look like online and in-store pre-Black Friday events are going away. Make sure to bookmark and keep an eye on our Deals hub for all the latest in tech savings

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