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The next DDR5 memory you get could reach a colossal 9,000MHz

Last Updated on April 11, 2024
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With a new generation of high-end hardware set to grace the market soon, manufacturers are predictably teasing new state-of-the-art devices that can keep up with the latest parts. And since AMD and Intel are both gearing up to release their next-gen Zen 5 and Meteor Lake CPUs, respectively, Chinese hardware manufacturer V-Color has now given enthusiasts a look at its lightning-fast DDR5 memory kit, which can reach up to a tremendous 8,600MHz.

Now, according to V-Color’s blog post, you can only reach the Manta XFinity series’ 8,600MHz cap through overclocking. This means it will likely only utilize a lower speed if you’re using it for basic computing, graphically demanding tasks, or gaming. Nevertheless, this RAM kit is deservedly gaining recognition in the overclocking community already for its capabilities since there aren’t many parts that can boast this type of frequency. Unfortunately, V-Color has yet to reveal an exact release date for this component. However, their page stated that it would be available sometime in mid-June.

8,600MHz Manta XFinity series available in mid-June

Although the Manta XFinity series’ speed isn’t quite over 9,000MHz, the fact that it can reach this level means that companies may be closer than ever to unlocking a frequency equaling Goku’s power level. Of course, only time will tell if manufacturers can provide users with the type of processing speed that’s never been reached before. But with new tech advancements constantly being released, we wouldn’t be surprised if an even faster alternative is announced in the next few months.

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