Windows 11 RTM Launches With Minimal Known Issues

Windows 11 RTM

Windows 11 RTM

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Windows 11 RTM (release to manufacturers) is the version of Windows 11 you’ll see when buying a new PC or Laptop with Windows 11 pre-installed. Currently, it’s being released to a controlled number of users and testers to check the waters for compatibility issues and other errors. The Windows 11 RTM process in general is a great way to get some general feedback from manufacturers for hotfixes and updates to be rolled out in time for a general release.

Windows 11 RTM Known Issues

For a full list of Windows 11 errors, bugs, and issues, click here. Here are the known issues for Windows 11 RTM release:

Compatibility Issues Between Oracle Virtualbox And Windows 11

Users are reporting not being able to start up virtual machines (VMs) which follow with an error message. There’s currently a compatibility hold on such products from installing or being offered Windows 11. Oracle is looking to release an updated VirtualBox that is compatible with Windows 11 this month (October 2021).

Windows 11 RTM

Compatibility Issues With Intel Killer Networking Software And Windows 11

Networking hardware relying on Intel Killer software may drop UDP (User Datagram Protocol) packets under various conditions. It’s creating performance issues across the board for UDP-based protocols. For example, some websites may load or run slower than others. This one is in Microsoft’s court, which has promised a fix in its October 12th security update.

Cốc Cốc And Windows 11 Compatibility Issues

There’s not really an update on this one, but we’ve covered the Cốc Cốc browser issues right here

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