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Keep The Cover On For Safety's Sake

This web site contains a great deal of information on PCs, and especially instructions on how to work within the PC, install components and upgrades, and fix problems. One thing you won't find here is any instructions on working inside monitors. Monitors, unlike other parts of the PC, use very high voltages and have special hazards that can cause serious injury or even death if you make a mistake while working with one. This is true even if the power is disconnected, due to the large capacitors used to hold charges inside the CRT.

Warning: I mention this in many other places but I'll mention it here as well, even if it is a bit out of place or somewhat repetitive. Do not open your monitor to work on it. If you have a problem with your monitor that cannot be resolved from the exterior, take it to a professional repair shop. Your life is worth more than a couple hundred bucks.

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