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Thread: Master Drive

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    Master Drive

    I have 2 drives on my Pc "D" which is a DVD drive and "E" which is a CDRW drive on trying to start my PC this morning It would not boot up as it is saying Sec Master Drive ATAPI Incompatible, I managed to bypass it to get in but the drive will not open, I have uninstalled it and reinstalled to no avail, it is showing in the device manager and working properly, however I do notice thay on the CDRW when I click properties in device manager and the bottom of the box it is showing it as enabled and on the DVD drive the box is blank and it will not allow me to do anything with it. I have scanned for viruses and everything is clear so now I don't know what to do Can anyone help me please

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    Sounds like the drive went bad, so if under warranty consider a replacement.

    You could uninstall the drivers for it and install the drive on the primary slave location. If it installs and works there, it may be a bad cable on secondary channel.
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    Ok thanks for that it finally dawned on me that it could be that although I thought I would fiddle around in case it was something else, PC is only 3 months old I feel like screaming anyway cheers for your help

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    Have you checked the drive in Device Manager in Safe Mode? Sometimes you will find multiple drivers in Safe Mode that don't show up in Normal mode, but do interfere with the device. Also, have you tried manually opened the drive?? Sometimes a CD will get stuck (or explode) and the drive will not work. If a CD exploded, it is time to go shopping...

    Also, have you installed any new software recently?? There are some programs that will install CDilla and it has been known to disable drives. Is the drive showing up in BIOS???

    Edit: I saw you last post as I posted. Since the computer is that new, make sure that it is okay to open it without voiding the warranty. If you do open it, check to make sure the drive is properly connected, the cables may have simply come loose....
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    I put everything in my docs onto disc dleted and emptied recycle bin and everything is working ok now I don't know what caused the problem I don't suppose I ever will scanned everything and nothing found anyway I'm just relieved everything is working Thanks for all your help

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