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Thread: RealPlayer

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    I used to play video clips on a particular website quite a bit. Now, it starts but in a few seconds the audio and video stop, the print on the bottom of the small screen says "connecting" with a percentage and when it gets to 100% it plays again. Then in a couple of seconds it stops and does it all over. I have reinstalled RealPlayer but it still happens. Does anyone know what setting I have wrong? Thank you.

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    What's the site? So we can check to see if there is a problem with the site or with your player
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  3. #3 I tried many of the dates to see if it was just one, but no. Thanks for responding!

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    I think it's a problem with your setup.
    I just went to the site and had no problem with getting realplayer to work. I tried the preview box and had no problem.
    Has anything changed with your firewall and also has any security setups changed as in have you added sp2 if you are running Xp? Just a note it looks like a very cool site, I am glad you pointed it out to me
    What if the hokey pokey is what it's really all about?

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    I'm running Windows 98. I haven't changed anything I can think of. I use it fairly often. What should I try? I only have Norton antivirus, but have had that a long time. I love the show. I don't know another soul who would dream of watching it If I miss it I just watch it online--is why I'm really bummed! thanks, Mark.

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    It seems to be working fine now. I also tried the preview and then went to the archives and watched the one I was trying to access earlier and a more recent show just to check. I say you fixed it with your psychic powers! It must have been the site. I blame the computer first.

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    Glad to here it. I was going to tell you to run spybot and ad aware to see if somekind of gunk was screwing you up.
    What if the hokey pokey is what it's really all about?

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