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Thread: fluctuating problem in monitor

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    fluctuating problem in monitor

    just since a few days back my computer started showing transient loss of red colour part of it(just for a minute or so),but progressively now it is showing blue colour predominately with transient unpredictable fluctuation to normal as nothing did happen at all and this normal colour may last upto even 2 hours.i can't notice red colour on monitor when it is wrong.
    p-3 1.13 ,gigabyte motherboard-810e ,samtron monitor,norton internet security used .
    i am using this system for 2 years without trouble.please advice.

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    It is most likely the monitor. It could also be the video card. What you need to do is:

    1) Turn off the PC & the monitor. Unplug the cable from the monitor to the PC. Using canned air, clean the connectors on both items to remove any dust. Inspect the pins visually and make sure none are bent.

    If this fixes the problem (it probably won't) you need to try a different monitor on your PC and your monitor on a different PC.

    If it's the video card, your monitor will work on a different PC and the borrowed monitor will display the strange behavior your PC is experiencing.

    If it's the monitor, the borrowed monitor will work on your PC and your monitor will not work correctly on the borrowed PC.
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    thanks buddy,
    i did try the cleaning method for that and noticed one more thing that after 2 hrs of running system when it is heated up normal colours may return .may be the problem is curable without much hassle.
    but right now i could not get the situation cleared up with using other monitor due to upcoming exams, i will try later .thx for advice

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