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Thread: boot probs

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    boot probs

    assembled new pc.
    intel 915X mobo, 530J p4, 1gb RAM.
    mobo has onboard video, so decided to use that during assembly and installation of windows. ran great for a day. then, blue error screen pops up, system memory dump. now my comp will start up, but no video, the monitor doesn't recognize any signal from the pc. bought video card, but that didn't fix the prob either. someone help??

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    I would suggest stripping back to a barebones boot. I would use the onboard video, RAM, keyboard, monitor, and of course CPU and fan/heatsink.

    I'm hoping that you have a floppy the Memtest letting it check and then burn-in for a bit to see if anything turns up...
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    I agree in using the onboard video. I had a clumsy experience of troubleshooting a blank screen. I took the pc miles away just to know that the cmos was restored to default and it uses the onboard video but the monitor is plugged at the AGP video.

    Im kind of embarassed when I told her that the only solution was to reconfig cmos.

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    1. Do you ever hear a single short beep at startup?
    If not then POST isn't completing.
    2. Is the monitor working and telling you there's no input signal?
    If yes, then the monitor is working, but is there a signal output from the onboard video?
    3. Any chance the signal cable [from video card to monitor] has come adrift?
    If not, then theres probably no output from your onboard video.
    4. Is the video BIOS being shadowed to RAM [due to a configuration setting in the BIOS Setup]?
    5. If yes to 4 is your RAM ok?

    Some of the steps at the beginning of a generic PhoenixBIOS POST that may be similar to your own and apply here:

    Code_Beeps_POST Routine Description
    1) 38h_______Shadow system BIOS ROM
    2) 48h_______Check video configuration against CMOS
    3) 49h_______Initialize PCI bus and devices
    4) 4Ah_______Initialize all video adapters in system
    5) 4Ch_______Shadow video BIOS ROM
    4Eh_______Display BIOS copyright notice

    Since nothing is displayed at this point the remainder doesn't apply.
    Notice no warning beeps apply to any of these.

    Please note in relation to above:
    1) If your RAM isn't working this [the BIOS prog running] would fail.
    2) If your BIOS config settings [re video] were incorrect, then the onboard video might fail.
    3) Perhaps you should "Force Update the ESCD" to make sure all PCI devices [video card being one?] are correctly detected, and non-conflicting resource allocations recorded for use at each startup. Are correct resources being allocated to all PCI devices?
    4) If RAM not working, then video BIOS would fail to run. No video output.
    5) This point is never reached.

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    tried resetting cmos, no results.
    tried bios rescue with floppy disk, no result.
    tried barebone boot, still no result.
    maybe mobo is bad???

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    west Lothian, Scotland.
    "tried bios rescue with floppy disk, no result."
    If the POST didn't complete there's no way you could boot from any drive, that comes later, but only IF POST succeeds.

    "tried barebone boot, still no result."
    So now you know that the problem is being caused by the few items [of hardware or BIOS?] remaining connected/in use.

    "tried resetting cmos, no results."
    You've taken another item off the list of suspects.

    "maybe mobo is bad?"
    Or something connected or ON the motherboard.
    First check out the things connected to it.
    RAM would be my top suspect.
    Can you have the m/b, CPU & RAM tested by the seller[s]?

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    bought them at newegg, maybe they would replace??
    mobo, cpu, ram are all retail, so maybe manufacturers.

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    It's the seller with whom you have your bargain who must replace goods that are "not fit for the purpose for which they are intended".

    If I buy items from my local PC shop and they don't work for me...
    They test them to see if they are broken or not.
    If not broken [working] they take them back [I haven't damaged the goods] and resell them.
    If not working they take them back and return them to their supplier I assume.

    There's a new law in the UK:
    If, within 6 months of the date of sale, goods are found by the buyer to be faulty, then the goods are deemed to have had a "latent fault" and the seller must either give a full refund or replacement, or else prove that the goods are in a merchantable condition [fit for purpose etc].
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