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Thread: A+ cert prep tests

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    Aug 2005

    Question A+ cert prep tests

    I`d like to know others opinions on prep tests. Are they really good study options? Any one tried Actualtests? Do they really have good stuff?
    waiting anxiously for response.

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    Aug 2000
    I think practice tests are a good study aid. I can recommend Preplogic and Measure Up. I used both to get ready for the A+ tests. These come with A+ books such as ExamCram2.

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    Fairly good stuff!

    I'm also going for A+ certification and fully relied on uCertify practise test and saved upto 70%. I had passed Security+ before, I knew it was tough to direct jump on Security+ but i did. Books you can take for A+ is A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide (5th edition) Mike Meyers' A+ Certification Passport, Second Edition. I'm also using this.
    Good luck.

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    Going for my first certification exam.

    A+ cert is my first test. It's a bit of challenge to even prepare for the exam and all this is without hands-on-experience. What books and test simulation you suggested I'll go for that and reviewed first.

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    Passed using certification site

    I passed using A+ Operation System Exam, A+ Study Is easy to study and learn what you need to know to pass.
    LINK REMOVED by MODS To help you learn the objectives for the A + Certification [/URL]. Save your money on test prep use LINK REMOVED BY MODS.

    This forum is not a place that allows posting advertising links without webmaster permission. If you want to help someone you are welcome to stick around, but if you want to pitch your product for your own benefit your message and your stay here will be brief.
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    Lightbulb Up to Date Exam Prep and brain dumps

    hi guys
    I think provide exam prep at very good price. The material provided is of good standard. It deals in all major vendors like MICROSOFT, CISCO, ORACLE, COMPTIA,
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    a+ study

    Quote Originally Posted by gem

    I`d like to know others opinions on prep tests. Are they really good study options? Any one tried Actualtests? Do they really have good stuff?
    waiting anxiously for response.
    'try useing transcender 3.0 its the the best so far'

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    try useing transcender 3.0 its the best im useing it now!
    also check out

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    I think it also greatly dpends on what type and amount of experience you have before starting to study for the exam. I went and got my A+ cert by just reading one of the all in one books available and going through the practice tests included. If you have a fair amount of experience in working with PCs already then you probably don't need to spend money on all sorts of practice tests.

    I find that at least for me actually sitting down and working on a PC, seeing a problem and ahving to find solutions, works better than practice tests. I can take practice tests all day, and learn the specific answers to those questions, but not necessarily have the knowledge to fix real world problems. So you might want to consider having some actual experience with the types of questions asked on the test as well as practice exams. Sometimes it helps to be able to think back and say that "I saw this problem on John's computer, how did I fix it?".

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