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Thread: Directx 9.0 compatible Sound Card

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    Directx 9.0 compatible Sound Card

    Hi Guys,

    I was checking this PC game requirements, NFSMW, and one of those should have a Directx 9.0compatible sound card. Does it mean that i have to buy a new sound card because i don't have it. I have onboard audio only. If so, how would i know that the sound card is DX9 compatible?

    Waiting for your reply. Thanks.

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    If you have DX 9.0 installed on your system, then go to Start/Run, type dxdiag, click OK, click the Sound tab, adjust the slider to 'Full Acceleration', and press the 'Test DirectSound' button. If your sound adapter passes all tests, then it should be compatible with the game.
    If things do not work out with the game, then install a DX 9 compatible sound card.

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    My onboard Realtek ac'97 supports DX 9.0. If that does, almost any integrated audio does. I don't use it anymore, though, I got a sound card with RCA outputs for my surround sound
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    Thanks guys,

    I just did what ski suggested but it is already in full acceleration. I have an onboard audio, soundmax, maybe it is my video card. I have only onboard video (64mb) intel graphics. My friend is giving me his video card, geforce fx5200, i hope this works. Thanks for the reply...

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    Did you run the sound tests in DXdiag?

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    i did make a soundtest and its okay. anyway, now i have a different problem with my pc. ill post this in the other section. hope to see your suggestion there. Thanks...

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