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Thread: Best hard drive set up?

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    Best hard drive set up?

    I was wondering what the best internal HD set up is for a gaming PC. Is it better to have a small primary (~80gb) with only the OS and all programs/games installed on a slave, or just to have a bigger primary with everything on it. Let's assume that the primary is the fastest HD in the computer (hehe as with my set up). I think some would say yes, but if you are running games off of a slower slave, wouldnt that slow down the game?

    Also, any recommendations on a great SATA 3.0Gbs internal hard drive?

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    I'm not a gamer but I get the impression that dedicated gamers go to extraordinary lengths to optimize their systems. This includes setting up a PC to do nothing but game or to dual boot with one OS just used for gaming.

    The dedicated gaming OS would run with the absolute minimum of other programs and services running. The partition would be on the fasted drive (it can be smallest as long as it is big enough) available. The RPM of drives is one of the most important factors plus other embellishments such as caching and using Serial ATA or SCSI drives over Parallel ATA. Benchmarking or trial and error are the only ways to compare HDD performance.

    With loads of RAM (as is usually the case with gamers) the pagefile needs appropriate attention but can probably be small (2MB) or absent or on another HDD altogether.

    But the basic answer is to use the fastest and not the largest drive.
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    Thanks Paul, I guess I'm not that hardcore of a gamer to go to such great lengths, but its really interesting what you bring up. So really its not a big issue running the OS and other programs/games on the same hard drive, but more about having a fast one.

    Excuse my ignorance, but can someone fill me in on what's considered fast hard drives nowadays. Do they make 10000RPM drives with 3.0GBs transfer speeds? What are the more practical solutions to upgrading to a really fast hard drive (say under $200)?

    Also, what are these Serial Attached SCSI's I hear about?

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    Raptor's rock. The 10k RPM more than compensates for them not yet putting out 3.0 transfer speed drives. The faster 3.0 transfer speeds are of greater relevance when copying large quantities of data to get sustained fast transfers for storage/imaging type procedures.

    SCSI is all but redundant except for enterprise environments and SAS (Serial SCSI) is the latest and greatest. The costs will probably prohibitive and these are mainly used in large coporate RAID arrays. EG Seagate's 15K Drives - but you will need a host controller or mobo that will support them.
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    I don't know what those things are, but I want them all...

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    Lol, so do I. Maybe if you were setting up a RAID array for the largest company in the world. If you're not planning to have tons of data other than games, I'd recommend getting a 150GB drive from WD at 10,000 RPM. Then have one fairly small partition for Windows, and the rest for your other stuff.
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