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Thread: Any experience with Dual LCD monitor

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    Any experience with Dual LCD monitor

    Well do any of you have any experience with Dual LCD monitor, I am thinking of getting one. But most of my friends just think that's a waste of money, get a larger screen like 26" samsung should be better? Anyway those dual monitors are quite expensive, I have found a deal on the DoubleSight DS-1900WA Dual 19 inch LCD Monitor for $590. A 26" KDS K-2626MDHWB is only $400. And one thought about duals is that you have to have a video card that will support them.

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    Nov 2000
    Milwaukee Wi
    I run dual 19 inch LCD's and LOVE them
    The wife has a 24 inch and I hate it for editing work
    Can't open two programs full screen
    an unruly program that takes the full screen and won't reduce forces you to tab from one to another
    About the only thing I use it ( Her display) for is Video playback in wide screen

    On My dual 19's
    I can run anything full screen and still have a second screen empty to do anything else I like
    Effective resolution for the two 1280x1024 X 2 OR 2560X1024

    I do have a video card designed to work with dual DVI monitors
    It does help and allows you the fexablity to set the screens any way you like
    extended desktop like I use,
    Or clone ( displays same thing on both screens)
    or even single display

    If you do a Lot of multitasking and or edit work
    2 displays is the way to go

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    Hey Rich I am glad to hear that you have pleasant experience with your dual 19" monitor, what's your monitor, I mean brand and model. How much did you pay for it?

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    Nov 2000
    Milwaukee Wi
    The made and model doesn't make all that much of a difference for normal use

    In the link you posted the unit is more of a Mount that supports dual display
    You can do the same thing without the fancy mount ( What I did)

    I happen to prefer ViewSonic
    They make a number of models
    Depending on what you use them .
    You get the model that matches your needs

    My person use it graphics So i picked the best for that

    If you look at Viewsonic STAY away from the "ViewSonic Optiquest"

    I have never seen any of that model last

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