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Thread: Computer unplugged; CPU Fan shorted out?

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    Computer unplugged; CPU Fan shorted out?

    OK, this one has me stumped.

    I leave my computer on most nights. Last night, I went to bed, it was running fine. But my sister, who was crashing at my place, evidently unplugged my power strip before she left this morning, then plugged it back in. Obviously, computer turned off.

    So I get up this morning, turn it on, and almost right away get those dreaded beeps. CPU FAN ERROR, it tells me. Sure enough, I crack open the case, and the fan is running very slow.

    I was able to ignore and boot up ok (Obviously, I'm posting this). But I downloaded SpeedFan and found that my fan is only running around 775-900 RPM's. My CPU is averaging 53-58 C - and that's with the case cracked. I dont dare run anything heavy right now.

    Mobo: ASUS P50L
    P. Supply: Zumax X3 Series
    CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.4 ghz
    2 gigs of DDR, cant remember manufacturer.
    Fan: Thermaltake TR2-M21 RX
    Running Windows 7.

    The Motherboard, Power Supply, and Fan are nearly brand new - less then 3 months old (My old MB blew out and took some stuff with it).

    My initial deduction is that the fan shorted out when she unplugged the comp - though it'd be the first time I'd ever heard of something like that happening. And the fact that it still runs - albeit slowly - has me stumped.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    That was a P5QL* , I misread it.

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    I doubt that it shorted out...when they do that it is an all or nothing thing...usually nothing.

    The fan is probably 'tired'...the bearings, while it was running all the time were warm enough to keep the lubricant liquid, but after it cooled down, the lubricant gelled/thickened and the motor is worn enough that it can't get it back up to speed. Basically, you need to change out the fan...
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