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Do You Need a Powerful Computer for 3D Printing?

The Impact of Computer Performance on 3D Printing
Last Updated on March 29, 2023
Do You Need a Powerful Computer for 3D Printing?
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Are you looking to print in 3D, but need help determining what type of computer you need? You are on the right page. 3D printing can be simple.

However, it gets complex as one advances. As a result, many people looking to go through this process are unsure how much power their computer needs.

So, do you need a powerful computer for 3D Printing?

You do not necessarily need to get a powerful computer for 3D printing. An average good computer can handle 3D Printing because STL files are small and are usually less than 15 MB.

As much as the average model to be printed is small, high-resolution models get large. You might need some power in your computer to handle them.  

Can I Use a Regular Computer for 3D Printing?

If you only require a computer to operate your 3D printer, you will not need a special specification. Controlling your 3D printer is quite straightforward. You are good to go with a phone, tablet, or computer and an internet connection.

The process of 3D printing might be easy. However, the same cannot be said about getting codes from 3D printer files. When generating codes from 3D printer files, you require CPU-intensive software if the model gets slightly complex.

As a beginner, you will most likely be dealing with basic models. So, a simple computer will do. However, as you become an expert, the models you will handle will get increasingly complex, and you will have to look beyond simple computers.

To handle simple and complex models when doing 3D printing, you should get a computer with a clock speed of at least 3.3GHz, Intel I5 quad-core, and 6 GB ram.

Additionally, the laptop should have a good graphics card. That’s not all. Desktops are preferable when taking part in 3D printing. Moreover, you will always get things right if you settle for a gaming computer.

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