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AI Shark announces release window for its ‘AI-enhanced’ gaming tech

The confirmed release window for the AI Shark device
Last Updated on January 12, 2024
Introducing the AI Shark, an AI-Powered Game Cheat Device with a 2024 release window.
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Altec Lansing has announced the return of the GameShark (or Game Shark) brand, now with a shiny new name. At CES 2024, AI Shark founder Todd Hays announced the rebrand along with a release date estimate for its upcoming product, AI Shark technology. When can we expect the official launch of this “revolutionary AI-enhanced technology”? Did the press release hint at a Nintendo Switch 2 release window at the same time?

AI Shark release window

AI Shark’s first licensee, Altec Lansing, revealed in its CES 2024 press release that the launch of its upcoming AI-powered tech “is planned to coincide with the Nintendo Switch 2 in September 2024.” This would appear to inadvertently confirm previously unknown information, namely the Nintendo Switch 2 release window, but this is not confirmed by Nintendo itself. Since the event, AI Shark founder Todd Hays has rescinded confidence in the statement, stating that Nintendo hasn’t “officially clarified” a launch window for the handheld console.

At the very least we have a confirmed release window for the AI Shark technology, set for September 2024.

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What is AI Shark?

AI Shark, formerly GameShark (or Game Shark) has secured its “first inaugural peripheral licensing partner”, Altec Lansing, a “leading global audio electronics company”. Since 1996, GameShark has been a fond staple of the gaming landscape, aiding “beginner-level users” in beating difficult video game levels with helpful hints and ‘cheat codes’.

Remember the good ol’ days of writing down cheat codes in a little notebook, as and when you figured them out or learned them from a friend? The GameShark cartridge made this process easier, sitting between your console and the game, using code injection to change basic game rules in your favor. This could include starting with more health than the game’s developer intended, or outright invincibility. Personally, I enjoyed starting GTA 3 with a tank, but that’s just me.

Cheat codes have been a pervasive and normalized phenomenon of gaming culture — provided they don’t ruin the experience for others, as they would in online games. How you choose to enjoy your offline games is your own business. The Konami code is the most famous example of this, created by Kazuhisa Hashimoto in 1985. Since then, keying Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start into any Konami game would make the game a little easier in some way.

How does the artificial intelligence-powered successor to GameShark improve your gaming experience?

Unlike traditional cheat tools which load cheat codes or mods into the game, the new capabilities will “utilize exclusive XGPT technology and real-time TPU acceleration to elevate users’ gaming experiences by providing personalized hints and assistance that keep up with fast-paced, competitive gaming.” In doing so, Altec Lansing claims that the innovative gaming software can improve your gameplay over time.

Tailored for casual gamers, this software seamlessly integrates with Altec Lansing’s commitment to delivering unparalleled audio experiences and bringing superior levels of innovation to market.

Altec Lansing, press release

AI hardware is becoming increasingly more common, as in the case of the Humane AI Pin, and the $199 Rabbit R1 (also debuted at CES 2024). Whether for personal convenience, as a wearable AI assistant, or as a professional generative AI tool in the case of the 1stAIMachine, AI devices are set to be some of the hottest tech of 2024.

Does GameShark still exist?

GameShark still exists, under a new name — AI Shark. The new technology of the same name is set to be introduced “in time for the holiday season 2024.” AI Shark is collaborating with Altec Lansing to create AI-powered gaming hardware.

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