Amazon generative AI for Alexa and AWS

Does Amazon have AI?

Amazon generative AI

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Amazon generative AI announced! Devices that currently feature Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, are soon to receive an artificial intelligence upgrade. The capabilities of ChatGPT’s large language model (LLM) include both sourcing relevant real-time information, as well as having human-like conversations about it. Amazon Alexa customers are understandably excited about it, and here’s why.

Amazon generative AI for AWS

Vice President of Database, Analytics, and Machine Learning at AWS, Swami Sivasubramanian explains the vision.

“From startups to enterprises, organizations of all sizes are getting started with generative AI. They want to capitalize on generative AI and translate the momentum from betas, prototypes, and demos into real-world productivity gains and innovations. But what do organizations need to bring generative AI into the enterprise and make it real?” questions the previous Vice President of Amazon AI. “When we talk to customers, they tell us they need security and privacy, scale and price-performance, and most importantly tech that is relevant to their business. We are excited to announce new capabilities and services today to allow organizations big and small to use generative AI in creative ways, building new applications and improving how they work.”

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AWS (Amazon Web Services) promises to make adapting to todays AI-generated world easier, in the following ways:

  • Helping other businesses build generative AI applications with built-in security and privacy built.
  • Providing low-cost data infrastructure and processing platforms for generative AI, allowing those businesses to train their own models and “run inference at scale”.
  • Providing proprietary enterprise-level generative AI-powered applications.
  • Enabling customization of foundation models (FMs) by training your own variant on your business, your data, and your company.

As a result of this AI push, Amazon shares jumped by 7% or more on October 27th, 2023 (via Trading 212).

"Amazon share price soars" via Trading 212, with AI-powered expansion driving corporate growth for Amazon.
“Amazon [share price] soars” via Trading 212.

Amazon generative AI for Alexa

Alexa is Amazons flagship smart home device, connecting all other devices together as a central hub.

Amongst a swathe of entirely new or recently upgraded home entertainment gadgets including Echo Hub, new Echo Frames, Echo Show, Eero Max 7, and new Fire TV stick, Dave Limp unveiled a new search experience at the firms hardware event Wednesday 27th September 2023. The Devices and Services Chief performed a live demo of the Fire TV devices and, after brief WiFi-related hiccup, showed how AI can impact the real world from the comfort of your living room.

Is Amazon Alexa an AI robot?

Let’s break this down, because there’s a lot of misuse regarding the term “AI”.

No, Alexa is not an AI robot. It is, as of now, an AI chatbot. Prior to this week, it was neither.

However, with the new command – “Alexa, let’s chat” – the e-commerce and cloud tech giant Amazon has ushered in the age of AI through voice assistant. Featuring a new, custom-built large language model (Alexa LLM), Amazon CEO Andy Jassy hopes to bestow it with more capabilities and human-like conversational qualities. The announcement came from Dave Limp, Amazon’s Senior Vice President of Devices and Services at the firms Arlington, Virginia HQ.