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Meta AI studio launched – AI chatbots creation platform

What is Meta AI studio?

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on October 16, 2023
Meta AI studio
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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is launching Meta AI studio, a platform with which other businesses can create their own AI’s. With Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook messenger setting an example of Meta’s AI prowess, will other businesses, creators, and third-party developers jump on board?

What is Meta AI studio?

Meta AI studio is the platform for businesses and developers to create their own AI chat bots. As a result, businesses and third-party developers will be able to easily implement AI chatbots into their own software apps, for end users to interact with via text prompts.

Interaction between a human and an AI chatbot generated by Meta AI studio.
A chat conversation between a human and Meta AI.

“We’re excited to announce new generative AI experiences across our apps and devices to help people have fun, connect and learn something new,” states the new Meta AI landing page.

Speaking candidly in yesterdays press release, the firm acknowledge the challenges they expect to face in this endeavour. The new tool will be subject to the same knowledge cut-off phenomena that OpenAI’s ChatGPT only just began to lift this week.

It’s still early days for our AIs. Right now, their knowledge base – with the exception of Meta AI, Bru, and Perry – is limited to information that largely existed prior to 2023, which means some responses may be dated.

Meta press release

The news comes in conjunction with the debut of two new tech wearables at the annual Meta connect conference. Founder Mark Zuckerberg displayed the new Meta Quest 3, a virtual reality headset capable of transmitting real-time information about the users face, to be reconstructed as a 3D model on the recipients end. Also at the annual connect developer conference, a new model of smart glasses, in collaboration with Ray-Ban, can translate speech in real-time through a built in microphone.

Can you make your own AI chatbot?

Yes, you can make your own AI chatbot! Meta explained in a press release that openness and accessibility are a key priority for the platform, making AI app development as user-friendly as possible – even if you can’t write code.

We introduced AI studio today, the platform that supports the creation of our AIs and we plan to make it available for people outside of Meta – coders and non-coders alike – to build AIs.

Meta press release
  • Developers – “Developers will be able to build third-party AIs for our messaging services with our APIs in the coming weeks, starting on Messenger then expanding to WhatsApp.”
  • Businesses – “Businesses will also be able to create AIs that reflect their brand’s values and improve customer service experiences. From small businesses looking to scale to large brands wanting to enhance communications, AIs can help businesses engage with their customers across our apps. We’re launching this in alpha and will scale it further next year.”
  • Creators – “And for creators, they’ll be able to build AIs that extend their virtual presence across our apps. These AIs will have to be sanctioned by them and directly controlled by the creator.”

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Meta will be introducing a sandbox tool later this year. The concept of a sandbox is to create a safe testing ground for software, in which the code can’t interact with anything outside of the sandbox.

We’re also building a sandbox that will be released in the coming year, enabling anyone to experiment with creating their own AI. As our universe of AIs continues to grow and evolve, we’ll bring this sandbox to the metaverse, giving you the chance to build AIs that adopt an even greater level of realism, embodiment, and connectedness.

Meta press release

Does Meta have an AI chatbot?

Yes, Meta has an AI chatbot. It uses a large language model (LLM) called LLaMa 2, and an AI image generator model called Emu. The name of the LLM itself is an acronym for Large Language Model Meta Artificial Intelligence, and has various model sizes ranging from 7 billion to 65 billion parameters.

What is Meta’s AI chatbot called?

The name of the chatbot is Meta AI. This is a flagship product built on the firms own proprietary foundational model called LLaMa 2.

This foundational model (Meta’s LLaMa 2 large language model) will support 28 variations coming soon, placing a personality and topic of speciality on top of the core model. These variations (AI characters) will be inspired by the personalities of celebrities and pop culture figures including Snoop Dogg, Kendall Jenner, Tom Brady, Naomi Osaka, Bear Grylls, Josh Richards, Chloe Kim, Paris Hilton, Charli D’Amelio and more. You can chat to different AIs about different things, and with the new AI studio tool, even create your own custom model! Each of the AI bots will have their own profiles on Meta’s social media apps.

What companies own AI chatbots?

Most tech giant companies have AI chatbots. Prior to September 2021, this included Google (Google Bard), Microsoft (Bing Chat), Apple (Siri), Amazon (Alexa), and OpenAI (ChatGPT). Now, Meta joins the fray, not only with its own AI chatbot, but a platform for other businesses to create their own.


Can Meta chatbots send AI-generated stickers?

Meta’s Vice President of AI, Ahmad Al-Dahle, has not yet confirmed whether their chatbot technology will be able to send AI stickers. This new AI feature, announced concurrently with the introduction of AI studio, is rolling out to “WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook Stories” with AI image generation powered by the Emu image model.

Is Meta AI safe and responsible AI?

Meta is designed to work safely and “responsibly around a set of core values.” The following list of key considerations throughout Meta’s Metaverse platforms demonstrate its attitude to biases and security:

  • Privacy and security: “Protecting the privacy and security of people’s data is the responsibility of everyone at Meta.”
  • Fairness and inclusion: “Everyone should be treated fairly when using our products and they should work equally well for all people.”
  • Robustness and safety: “AI systems should meet high performance standards, and should be tested to ensure they behave safely and as intended.”
  • Transparency and control: “People who use our products should have more transparency and control around how data about them is collected and used.”
  • Accountability and governance: “We build reliable processes to ensure accountability for our AI systems and the decisions they make.”

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