ChatGPT: How to Cite With It?

A Beginner's Guide to Citing Text from ChatGPT

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If you are using ChatGPT as a source in your academic work, it is essential to cite it correctly. This guide will provide steps to cite text from ChatGPT in different reference styles. 

Steps To Cite ChatGPT Text

ChatGPT: How to Cite With It?


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Identify the Author

When citing ChatGPT, you should begin by identifying the author.

In this case, the author is OpenAI, the company that developed and trained the language model.



Provide the Date

Next, you must provide the date of the knowledge cutoff used to train ChatGPT.

This is important because the information available to ChatGPT is limited by date, and the date of knowledge cutoff is September 2021.



Indicate the Name of the Language Model

It is important to indicate the language model’s name. In this case, the name of the model is GPT-3.5.



Specify the Type of Source

When citing ChatGPT, you should specify the type of source. In most cases, this will be an online source.

However, if you use ChatGPT in a print publication, you should indicate that it is a digital source.



Provide the URL

Finally, you should provide the URL for the ChatGPT website.

This allows your readers to access the source and verify your cited information.

How Can I Cite ChatGPT in Academic Work? 

Here are the APA, MLA, and Chicago-style citations for ChatGPT:

APA Style:

OpenAI. (2021, September). ChatGPT [Language model]. Retrieved from

MLA Style:

OpenAI. “ChatGPT.” GPT-3.5, OpenAI, 2021,

Chicago Style:

OpenAI. 2021. “ChatGPT: Language Model.” GPT-3.5. Retrieved from


Citing ChatGPT in your academic work is a straightforward process. You should begin by identifying the author, providing the date of the knowledge cutoff, indicating the language model’s name, specifying the source type, and providing the URL. By following these steps, you can ensure that your citations are accurate and complete.