Best AirPods Black Friday Deals In 2021

Best AirPods Black Friday Deals 2020

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When it comes to making the most out of Black Friday, there is no question that identifying and snagging yourself some amazing deals from leading brands is one of the best parts of the Black Friday sales event.

One such brand is Apple and Black Friday could be the absolute perfect time to pick up a brand new set of AirPods. Now, the real question is which version of the Apple AirPods should you be picking up on Black Friday? Well, we’re sure there are solid discounts on each one so it’ll be down to your preference.

Featured Apple AirPods Black Friday Deals In 2021

While we’ll obviously looking for the best Apple AirPods Black Friday deals in 2021, we’ll also be showcasing some featured options for you which will highlight key retailers or the biggest discounts. You should be able to find these easily by our inclusion of the fire GIF.

Best Apple AirPods Black Friday Deals in 2021

While the AirPods Pro exist, it could be that you much prefer the standard variation of the AirPods due to their easy pop in and out nature as well as feeling more traditional. Above, you should be able to find the best AirPods Black Friday deals this year, hopefully saving a bunch on what are pretty expensive wireless earphones.

Best Apple AirPods Pro Black Friday Deals in 2021

Now, if you dont like or want the traditional feeling Apple earphones with the standard AirPods, you have the AirPods Pro for that. These are more in-ear earphones and provide a more noise-canceling approach to your sound. Again, like the standard AirPods, the AirPods Pro are on the expensive side so any AirPods Pro Black Friday deals this year will certainly help your wallet.

Where Do We Find The Best AirPods Black Friday Deals?

In 2020, lots of different retailers will be pushing all of their Black Friday efforts online – which can be a little bit overwhelming if you are a consumer.

However, the PC Guide team is here to help. Our team of tech experts are going to be searching the internet and all of the most popular retailers to make sure that you can find all of the latest and greatest Black Friday deals right here – cutting out all the work for you.

We are going to be featuring deals on gaming computers, consoles, monitors, laptops – pretty much any tech gear you could want, we are going to be covering on Black Friday right here. If you are looking for something in particular and are struggling to find it – don’t worry.

Just leave a comment below and we will do our best to help you out and find you the perfect Black Friday deal for you.