Apple Black Friday Deals in 2022

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Best Black Friday Apple Deals

Hot off the heels of Apple’s recent new releases, including the flashy iPhone 14 and rugged Apple Watch Series Ultra, discounted offerings on all of your favorite tech are sure to be inbound this holiday season. These Apple Black Friday deals will cover the gamut of the firm’s myriad tech gadgetry, including iPhones, AirPods, Mac books, and much more.

Apple’s new releases also give a bit of leeway on certain older tech, allowing the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 to garner discounted prices now that newer forms are on the market. The tech firm, however, is known for not putting up sales on its own store page, so don’t expect any special discounts this Black Friday from Apple themselves.

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Let’s dive right into all the best Apple product sales currently ongoing and soon slated for the holiday season as Black Friday draws near.

Best Black Friday Apple Deals in 2022

Following the recent launch of the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series products, these following few Apple deals are sure to excite, given the often exorbitant price tags attached to most of the tech giant’s gadgets. Below is a list of the best Black Friday discounted Apple products available right now:

Where to find the best Apple Black Friday deals

The usual suspects, including Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart, will be your main stops for all of the very best discounts on Apple products this holiday season. Apple itself, however, will not be hosting its own discounts on the Apple store, as the firm has never discounted its products for holiday sales. Below is a list of all the stores you can expect to find the best Black Friday deals on Apple gadgetry:

Apple Black Friday sales shortlist:

Best Black Friday Apple deals

US US Deals
UK UK Deals
Canada Canada Deals
Worldwide Worldwide Deals
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When will Apple Black Friday sales start in 2022?

While the Apple store itself won’t be hosting its own deals this Black Friday, several stores with Apple products will be hosting their own discounts throughout the season. Below is a list of when specific online retailers will be kicking off their holiday sales with the best Apple Black Friday deals around:

  • Amazon: November 25th to November 27th
  • Best Buy: November 19th to November 28th
  • Newegg: November 22nd to November 27th
  • Target: November 21st to November 27th
  • Walmart: Online starting November 2nd at 7 PM EST, in-stores on November 4th at 5 AM local time

How to get the best Black Friday Apple deals in 2022?

There really is no set way of getting the best Black Friday deals on Apple products, aside from being extra vigilant on all of its products across various online retailers. Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon have specific alerts and newsletters that consumers can sign up for to get the best bang for their buck when the holidays roll around, but Apple itself doesn’t have much in the way of discounted product alerts, because they simply don’t host sales like that.

Features to consider when looking for Black Friday Apple deals

Every Apple product is different, but for the most part, there are several features you will want to consider before making your purchasing decision, so as to get the best deal this Black Friday. These specific features to consider are listed below:

  • Memory capacity: iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, and even Apple Watches all have varied memory capacities all from wide ranges. Pick which one is best for you, as memory capacity is among the most important aspect in finding the right device. You want to be sure you can save all of your music, photos, videos, documents, and more across all of your devices.
  • WiFi or Cellular: This really only applies to certain Apple products, as iPhones for the most part come equipped with cellular from the start. But for Apple Watch Series products and iPads, you may want cellular for specific needs, like GPS tracking and assorted business workloads.
  • Camera: The photographic prowess of Apple products is high, as they typically utilize a rather powerful camera in every product they offer. But you may not need the very best camera on your smartphone. Make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck even when it comes to the camera on your device.
  • Accessibility: This has no sooner become a major focal point for Apple, especially in the context of its most recent releases. You may want specific accessibility features built into the device for typing, hearing, and more. Be sure to keep a close eye on accessibility features offered by the Apple product in question before making your final decision.

Does Apple have Black Friday deals?

The Apple store does not host its own discounts and sales for the holiday season, but as mentioned previously several other stores have their own ongoing Black Friday deals. Thus, don’t expect any special Black Friday discounts on the Apple store, but you can expect to see better prices on older tech, like iPhone 13s and Apple Watch Series 7 products.

Is it better to buy Apple products from Apple or Best Buy?

It genuinely doesn’t matter, but in the case of Black Friday deals, you’re better off picking up all of your gadgetry from Best Buy at a severely discounted price. There is no real advantage of buying from either Apple or Best Buy, other than smaller price tags at the latter, given that Apple rarely ever lowers its prices unless there is a newer design on the market.

Best Buy is an official Apple retailer, so you can rest assured you will be getting the same product from either store. Best Buy is also now an official repair center for Apple products, so you can even go there for repairs if your iPhone or Apple Watch is defective.

Where are the best places to find Apple Black Friday deals?

Be sure to check retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy as they have always done great Black Friday Apple deals in the past. We have noticed a fair few Apple products out of stock this year so we recommend grabbing the deals once you find them. Surprisingly, Apple is doing a 4-day Black Friday and Cyber Monday event, starting on the 25th of November. You will be able to find your favourite products with the reward of a $50 to $250 Apple gift card with your purchase.