Black Friday AM5 motherboard deals in 2022

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You’re looking to build a new system, but you’re waiting til November to snag a Black Friday AM5 motherboard deal.

It’s a solid approach, although it may be tricky to get discounts on newly released technology like motherboards. Nonetheless, we’re on the lookout too, so will be looking to find the best new motherboard deals out there for your Ryzen 7000 CPUs to live in.

On this page, we’ll be tracking what deals there may be – as well as giving some tips on how to find the best prices, and what to consider while you shop. And, on the off chance that discounts do appear during the Black Friday period, we’ll track those deals here too.

If you’re looking for motherboards right now, be sure to check out our where to buy AM5 motherboards guide.

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Where to find Black Friday AM5 motherboard deals in 2022

We have to be clear that there may not be many deals around this Black Friday. However, because prices at the time of writing seem high for some (we’re looking at you $800 X670-E boards), there may be a chance for prices to fall a little. So, we’d recommend keeping an eye on prices at the following retailers:

When will Black Friday motherboard sales start in 2022?

Honestly, we don’t know if there will be any AM5 motherboard-specific sales or deals this Black Friday. However, Black Friday itself is on November 25 this year, so if there are deals we’d expect then to be the best time to look.

Prices may well start to drop as we enter into November – and some Black Friday sales start a week or two early – but with AM5 still being new to the market we’d say the day itself is your best shot.

How to get the best Black Friday AM5 motherboard deals in 2022

Be patient: As we’ve mentioned, it may be that deals won’t be so readily available on AM5 motherboards. So while other items may be seeing discounts early, it could be worth waiting – unless you really need to upgrade or have a new build ready to go.

Be early: Should deals arrive, there will certainly be demand. So it’s a good idea to check prices early throughout the key sales period (the week running up to November 25). Stock and prices can change quickly.

Right spec: Chances are if you’re building your own system you have an idea, but do you really need to spend the extra on that X670-E or X670 board? Maybe a B650-E or B650 will happily serve you well.

What to consider when looking for an AM5 Black Friday deal

If an AM5 motherboard is all you need for your new build then you’re in a good place. However, if it’s the first part in a new build you’ll want to keep an eye out for other components too.

As the motherboard will be one of the more expensive parts of the system, any savings you make will widen your budget for other additions.